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    Ningbo Ciguang Synchronous Belt Co.,Ltd.

    Fax: 86-574-63787333(the North)
      86-574-63787612(the South)
    Tel: 86-574-63784477(the North)
         86-574-63784477(the South)

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    Ningbo CiGuang Synchronous Belt Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the production of belts for industrial use and matching belt wheels. Our products are sold well in West Europe, America, Japan, East Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Korea and other countries. The company has gradually become the leading enterprise in this industry, with complete specifications, excellent quality and perfect service.
    Our company can provide all kinds of industrial rubber synchronous belt, V-ribbed belt, double-sided tooth synchronous belt, PU synchronous belt, automotive synchronous belt and matching pulley series, products have been widely used in textile, chemical fiber, communications, sculpture, machine tools, tobacco, printing, packaging, food, sewing, home appliances, petrochemicals, fitness equipment, instrumentation and other industries. Under the support of strong technical force, the company can not only offer excellent quality products, more importantly, the transmission system solutions for customers, as well as improve service timely.
    Company Tenet: to provide consumers with first-class products and service, exceeding 100% customer satisfaction.
    Enterprise Culture: to offer the most perfect transimission system solutions.