Five “Random Things” Friday 12/20

by admin on December 20, 2013

Good morning!

instead of doing my traditional five things friday lay out, i decided to switch it up because i don’t have that much to share with you all.

Being home is great..its just slightly boring at times ;)



time for another link up!


recent eats!

i made a recipe out of ming psai’s cookbook for dinner Wednesday night. My mom happened to see his wife at the hair salon and told her I was making a recipe out of his cookbook!


Spicy shrimp noodles with mango. Delish! His book is great..I highly recommend it!

I’ve been digging turkey wraps for lunch lately. Yesterday’s had turkey, goat cheese, pepper jelly (YUM), avocado, and lettuce in it. Deeelish


last night’s dinner was pizza. i haven’t had pizza in forEVA. We got a vegetarian pie with added goat cheese and jalapenos to it (two of my fav foods) with a greek salad. It hit the spot!


And finally a bowl of Toasted oatmeal flakes (TJ’s) with banana and peanut butter on top for breakfast yesterday




I’m a much bigger fan of The Voice than X-Factor, but I discovered Alex and Sierra from youtube and became obsessed. I want them to make an album asap so I can buy it. The other two finalists on the X-factor were HORRIBLE. I wasn’t surprised at all when they won last night. They are definitely the worlds cutest couple and I’m definitely jealous of them. ugh.



This article. i dare you not to tear up while reading it.



My parents got a Keurig! Its the little things in life that excite me..


Starbucks blonde roast is my favorite but I’ve also been digging hazelnut and chocolate glazed donut!



tonight I’m meeting up with a couple of the bloggers I met back at the Healthy Living Summit almost two years ago now. Its sad its taken me that long to meet up with them again! Amy, Sarah, Caroline (who I have yet to meet!), and I are meeting at Sarah’s place for wine and app’s. I can’t wait! Also I can’t wait to meet Sarah’s new puppy Koji!


throwback picture of me, Amy, and Tracy, (who sadly can’t make it tonight!) at the healthy living summit

The appetizer I’m bringing, Mediterranean layer dip, i’ll be posting the recipe for soon!


i hope everyone has a great weekend!



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