Thursday Things 11/7

by admin on November 7, 2013

1. I caved and started playing candy crush. Do you guys play? if you do, I MEAN HOW ADDICTING IS IT?! if you don’’ve been warned. I get really freaking annoyed when I can’t beat a basically occupies my every thought. This addiction reminds me of the time I was addicted to temple run..except I think this addiction is work

2. going off number 1 and then I’ll stop talking about candy crush. This is how my day looked yesterday: candy crush > studying. Lets hope I didn’t fail my exam..

3. Lindsay convinced me to get fro yo last night. I’m not that hard to convince..


I obvs got pumpkin fro yo with a variety of toppings. the juicy mangos were so good! Also sorry about the flash lighting..i was sitting on my couch watching modern family when I remembered to snap a pic before diving in

4. I go home 2 weeks from today. IN 14 DAYS I GET TO SEE MY DOGS!!!! oh my gawdddddddd.

IMG_6421 IMG_6420

I ask my mom to send me pictures of my dogs basically on a daily basis. And my brother has sent me several snap chat videos :)

5. if you haven’t watched this need to.

6. I hate being pale. like..hate. I bought these tanning wipes, which normally work, but I look a litttttle splotchy. Thank the lord for bronzer.

7. When its raining in the morning it is 59849584 million times harder to get out of bed. Am I right or am i right?!


I hope everyone has a great day!


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