Philly Fun + Meals for the Week 10/27

by admin on October 28, 2013

good morning!

how was everyone’ weekend?

Saturday my friends and I went into Philly for the night to visit Molly!


group shot in Reading Terminal Market :)

I was THIS CLOSE to getting a ham and cheese stuffed pretzel (DROOL), but I had my heart set on a pork sandwich from Dinics pork and beef


so freaking good. I’m a weirdo and much prefer the insides of the sandwich so I dove in with a fork to half of the sandwich. The other half was enjoyed by my friends. You need to try a pork sandwich from dinics once in your life..they are life changing.


me and Moll :)


<3 (minus the weird lighting)


Lindsay (my roommate) was in charge of food prep yesterday since I had to study and she didn’t really have any work to do.

she made a delicious brown rice and edamame salad to have for lunches this week


plus a batch of roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash to have on hand


I sampled a little of both yesterday afternoon..deeelish!

Meals for the Week:

White Bean, Turkey Sausage, and Kale Soup

Spaghetti Squash w/ Turkey Meatballs

Wednesday Egg Night!

Thai Fried Quinoa



last night’s dinner was spaghetti squash w/ sauce and turkey meatballs. My friend Nikki made us a batch of sauce and turkey meatballs (thanks again Nikki!) they were delicious! I told her she has to write down a recipe for me


time to go study..ugh. studying is for losersssss


kind of.


I hope everyone has a great day!


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