WIAW-Why are M&M’s so good?!

by admin on October 16, 2013

good morning!

happy WIAW!

wiaw fall into good habits button


I feel like Wednesday’s always sneak up on me..maybe because this post should really be called what I ate tuesday ;)



my usual bowl of pumpkin egg white oats. I think its the melty peanut butter and pumpkin butter on top that make me crave this breakfast almost every single morning



Lunch was a big spinach salad with roasted broccoli, baked salmon, tomatoes, and this delicious jalapeno yogurt dip Lindsay’s mom bought for us!


this dip is da BOMB.

I finished my Lunch off with a small handful of dark chocolate peanut m&m’s


this handful times 2 throughout the day..why are M&M’s so freaking awesome?!



a cut up apple eaten while attempting to study…I love eating apples so much more when they are cut off the core (I almost typed cob..nope..an apple is not corn)


some pumpkin greek yogurt (just plain greek yogurt with 1/2 tbsp pumpkin butter stirred in) topped with cinnamon and half a sliced banana..YUM. I love pumpkin butter stirred into plain yogurt


and this handful X2 of edamame rice crackers



dinner was simple but good. Just making use of leftovers! I had 3 egg whites with spinach and leftover peppers and onions from last night’s dinner. With a baked mini sweet potato filled with hummus on the side. Of course everything was doused in sriracha :)


after dinner I had an orange to cleanse the palate

I love winter citrus..yum!


I really have to be on my study-grind today..I may even go to the library to study..BAH..(I hate the library so I pretty much never go..)

I hope everyone has a great day!


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