Food and Fitness Friday 8/9

by admin on August 9, 2013



soooo I haven’t taken any pictures of food really..#phonedroppedinthepoolproblems..and going to the AT&T store to spend 200 some dollars on a new phone is a hard pill for me to swallow

it will definitely happen sooner rather than later though, so no worries!

i’ve been eating lots of on the go meals (aka curry and cous cous lentil salad) + mixed nuts for snacking

But i’ve spent lots of time drooling over recipes and pinning them so here are the recipe’s on my MUST MAKE NOW list


green powerhouse pesto plate from oh she glows. Just looking at this picture makes me feel healthier ;) YUM


blue cheese guacamole stuffed mushrooms with buffalo sauce. LITERALLY. I can’t even.


thai stuffed avocados. YUM.



southwestern grilled sweet potato salad. i love the idea of grilling sweet potatoes…I would eat about 500 bowls of this.



this week has been good on the fitness front!


you guys..i literally just DIED. The bootcamp work out is designed to train you for the endurance required in the tough mudder race. We made it through three of the 5 circuits (link above) and it took us about an hour. it was killer.

  • Saturday: 2.5 mile run or half mile swim or both??

  • Sunday: Rest or half mile swim


I’m now drinking a green monster smoothie to refuel from the crazy boot camp work out.

Time to go shower and then off to a much needed hair cut!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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