Fun Facts Friday-Beyonce!!

by admin on July 26, 2013

Hi guys!

sorry I’ve been a little MIA this week..

I had important things to attend to..

like the BEYONCE concert on tuesday night!!! her name deserves all caps (and I’m not sure why but my phone auto-corrects her name that way lol)

Molly was already here visiting as you know from my weekend snapshots, but my friend Lindsay came in just for the concert, and my friend Nikki joined us also


even though it was a crappy day in Boston on Tuesday, that didn’t stop us from doing some bar crawling before the concert

969030_10200157731806371_254661440_n 1070081_10200157731206356_1647108859_n

which naturally included tequila shots..gross tequila I might add..

We had floor seats, but since the whole floor was general admission we got in line about an hour before the doors opened to make sure we got a good spot on the floor

we were so close to her it was AWESOME. I seriously could not believe she was right there!


werrrrkinnn it


she’s the most perfect human being ever. You better believe I was singing, jumping up and down, and doing the single ladies dance all night long :)


I worked a double shift both Wednesday and Thursday..which you always fun..


but after a few days of eating not so well, I made sure to go to work prepared with healthy eats. I started off my morning yesterday with a green monster. I packed salmon with butternut squash salad (both from the prepared foods section at the store), and brown rice with roasted veggies and leftover spicy peanut sauce. And mixed nuts to snack on during my shift.

-A glass of wine and chocolate are mandatory after a full day in a customer service environment..seriously..why are people so rude?

-On the bright side, I got my pay check yesterday which is always a nice perk :)

-I’m having anxiety over how pale I am right now…which is pretty stupid but I just thought I would mention it

-I need to make this. I’ve been seriously craving curry lately.


I still have to share my vegetable spring roll recipe with you! I’m hoping to do that either tomorrow or Sunday!

i hope everyone has a great weekend!