Weekend Things

by admin on June 9, 2013

quick pop in to say hello before I have to head to work!


my trainer and a women who goes to my gym (hi Yvette!) make different healthy meals each week for purchase. Last week we got a few orders of the white bean and sweet potato cakes with tahini sauce. bahhhh so freaking good! The spices in the cake and sauce made these so good. I was trying to figure out all the ingredients to try and recreate them myself.


the dogs finally got groomed! Doesn’t Lucy look like such a munchkin?! (and the hair cut really shows off her rather large figure :) ) I love how cute her ears look after being trimmed..yes I’m a total weirdo I realize haha


Duke pretty much looks the same :) I took him for a run this morning and lets just say having him on a leash really increases my running speed


quick and easy meal: brown rice, salmon burger, avocado, and mushrooms and spinach.


ice coffee literally saves my life. I really don’t know how I would survive without it..good thing I don’t have to :)


I made another recipe from my sprouted kitchen cookbook. Toasted millet salad with pickled onions and arugula. YUM. The perfect meal to pack for work.

I went out in boston friday night for the bruins game (when it was torrentially down-pouring) and had so much fun, but failed to take any pictures. I also thoroughly enjoyed a large piece of pizza at 2:30am. No regrets. it was awesome.


time to shower and head to work

i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!