WIAW- Aussie Eats

by admin on January 9, 2013

good morning!..or afternoon?

it is Thursday morning in Australia but Wednesday for you guys! Craziness I feel like I’m living in the future

I’ve managed to take some pictures of the food i’ve been eating so I thought I would share them all together in a WIAW post!

Peas and Crayons


The food in Australia is pretty diverse. There is a lot of fish and chips, thai food, sushi places, and burger places for the most part. The Australians love their french fries! They also apparently love beets and put them on their burgers…which I find kind of interesting

At the school I’m staying at they serve us breakfast and lunch. The food at the school has been pretty good

Breakfast is a mix of cereals, breads for toast, condiments including the notorious vegemite (BLEHK) not a fan, and some fresh fruit and yogurt

Lunch the other day was a mexican fiesta!


I had some rice, a mexican beef and pepper mixture, GUAC, really delicious homemade tortilla chips, and some salsa.

We have a 5 hour break in between breakfast and lunch so everyone is starvin marvin by lunch time

yesterday we had italian


i had spaghetti with meat sauce, some different roasted veggies (including roasted pumpkin..YUM), and salad.

and our first lunch here was an asian chicken dish


its nice how at lunch time they offer a variety of cuisines! I loved the bok choy and having the fresh salad available every day is a great way to get in some much needed vegetables

A couple nights ago for dinner though I had a really delicious Tuna Nicoise salad from a local restaurant


The tuna was so fresh and delicious. yum! Oh and I have good news! I think I’m actually starting to like black olives. I use to despise the taste of olives but i think they are growing on me.

and we can’t forget about the sweets!


i’ve had a few ice cream cones since I’ve been here (its so tempting with how warm the weather is bahh!) and they have all been delicious! This one was a chocolate hazelnut crunch. It tasted just like nutella..amazing.

I recently tried an Australian staple..Tim Tams!


They kind of remind me of a cross between a kit kat bar and a cookie. I lOVE them. In fact tonight for dinner last night I attempted to get sushi except it was GROSS. ugh. So instead I had 3 tim tams and an orange..hey can’t win ‘em all right?


Its always a bit of a challenge getting use to a different cuisine. I know when I get home I will be VERY happy to get back to normal eating but I also love being able to try new foods and adapt to a different culture

As I mentioned in my last post..I climbed the Sydney Harbor bridge!!


seriously one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I mean you just can’t beat that view! It was a little scary at first but once I got use to being up that high I really enjoyed it!

and for my beverage management class today we had our first wine tasting


yup life has been pretty rough lately…:)


As far as work outs go I’ve been trying my best to fit in a work out when I can. I’ve gone on a run, did a 20 minute high intensity work out, and I did a 25 minute tabata work out this morning followed by a quick ab circuit. We have been doing a lOT of walking which has been making up for the lack of exercise

Also dancing at the bar can count as a mini work out :)


I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


Question for ya!: Do you find it hard to adjust to a different eating style when on a long vacation?