What I’ve Been Up To

by admin on December 16, 2012

good morning

I want to say that I haven’t posted the past few days due to the tragedy that took place in Newtown, CT. I can’t even fathom the grief and pain that all of those families are going through right now. I send my thoughts and prayers to everyone in Newtown. No one should ever have to go through something so horrific and devastating.


I haven’t posted the past couple of days because it hasn’t seemed appropriate to do so in wake of the tragedy.

I haven’t been up to much since I’ve been home

I’ve baked a lot of cookies. These, these, and these.

I’ve worked out a few times with my mom and I’m SO SORE. currently laying in bed it hurts to move

I went to see a show that my old dance studio put on called Nuts and Bolts. A version of the nutcracker. It was a really good show and I got to see all my old dance teachers that I haven’t seen in a few years which was nice :)

I went to Newport for the day on Friday to visit my Nanny and take her out to lunch. We went the the BEST lunch spot ever called Rosemary and Thyme



Rosemary and Thyme is a small bakery/ cafe right in downtown Newport that makes all of their breads and pastries from scratch. It is owned by a husband and wife, the husband being the chef and wife being the baker who is originally from Germany. I can’t even express how good everything was. I got the greek wrap that was on their freshly baked naan bread. GAH. amazing. I’m drooling looking at the picture

you know what else makes me drool..



I had some the other night. SO GOOD.


catching up on the christmas challenge



Day 15: Best gift you’ve ever given? 

I actually don’t know if I have a answer to this question! I feel like the gift I’m giving to my Nanny and aunts this year is a pretty great gift but I can’t tell you now cause it will ruin the surprise!

Day 16: Hardest person to shop for? 

definitely my Dad!


time to go see what’s for breakfast!

I hope everyone had a great weekend

Homeland season finale on tonight..are you watching?! BAHH its going to be so intense!