Christmas Wish List 2012

by admin on December 2, 2012

I would like to say I’m the world’s best procrastinator

So during one of several “study breaks” yesterday I wrote this post for day 2 of the christmas blogging challenge

Day 2: Christmas Wish-List

1. An I-Pad! I’ve been going back and forth between wanting one and thinking I don’t need one. But I’ve come to the conclusion that I really want one!

ugh its just so pretty. I think this is the mini I-Pad but I’m asking for the regular version.

2. A puffy vest!

this one is from J-Crew. For some reason I love the red color (I don’t normally like wearing red). They have a bunch of really cute other colors like a hunter green (hint hint mom :) )

3. Ming Psai’s new cookbook

I’m obsessed with cookbooks. I could read through cookbooks all day long. major loser alert.

I love his restaurant Blue Ginger as you know from reading my numerous blog posts on eating there. Totally random side note, when I was home over thanksgiving my mom and I were walking my dogs in the park and we ran into Ming Tsai and his family. I had no idea it was him but my mom did and told him that I wanted his cookbook for christmas haha. He’s a really nice guy!

4. Mula, money, dinero, etc. I’m studying abroad this upcoming month of January to Austrailia and New Zealand! So spending money will definitely be very useful!


my list isan’t very extensive because the I-Pad is a big gift and so is asking for spending money. I love getting little surprise presents too!

yesterday all of my dreams came true. I got NDB (bagel shop) delivered to me at the library! Thanks to my friend Jaimee who was coming from there to the lib!

whole wheat everything scooped out and toasted with low fat chicken salad lettuce and tomato. SO GOOD.

now if only I could get another one of these delivered to my bed

that I’m still in.

its not looking to be a very productive Sunday..


have a great day everyone!


Question for ya!: What’s one big present on your wish-list this year?