Birthday’s, Recent Eats, and Work Outs

by admin on November 29, 2012

good morning!

I’m taking a minor break from studying for accounting to pop in and say hi to you all!

This has been the week of birthday’s for my friends!

Tuesday was Becca’s 21st birthday! We all got together Monday night to celebrate! When in Rome college right? :)

its a little blurry but here’s a picture of the Hollywoods crew! (Hollywoods is the name of the townhouse complex I live in)

Love you guys!! Happy birthday Becca!

and we had a classic selfie of the night..obviously

Me moll and Lindsay!

Monday was my little in my sorority’s 20th birthday, so we went out to dinner Tuesday night!

And today is my roommate Sonny’s 21st birthday! Happy birthday Sonny! We got a roommate picture last night but its on Sonny’s phone so I’ll have to have her send it to me!


Whenever I don’t go to the gym to work out, I always look to pinterest to find a work out on my fitness board!

yesterday I did this fun Tabata work out!

it was a good one! I made some modifications because I didn’t have a box to do box-jumps on, so instead I did wide jump squats. And instead of doing Jump-Ups (I don’t even know what Jump-Ups are lol) I added in another round of jump rope!

I downloaded a Tabata timer on my phone through the App Tabata Pro

notice that the background of my phone is me and Duke (UGH I MISS HIM!!!) The App I think is only a dollar and its so awesome I highly recommend it!

You can adjust the number of cycles you do, the length of the cycle, and the resting time in between. So if you wanted to do a movement for 45 seconds, and rest for 30, you can do that! Its great for all types of interval work outs. And it talks to you in this weird voice which I learned you can turn off haha


My lunch yesterday was SO GOOD. And I’m definitely having the same thing for lunch today :)

A sweet potato with 2 eggs over easy, goat cheese, and sriracha. YUM. I just poked holes in the sweet potato with a fork and microwaved it for 7 minutes. Cut it in half, topped with goat cheese and the two fried eggs and it was DELISH

sometimes I’m more of an egg-white only gal, but the yolk tasted really good yesterday! Especially mixed with the warm melty goat cheese (GAH) goat cheese will always be my favorite food. always.

I ate my lunch on top of my accounting text book..don’t worry I managed not to spill!


Alright-y time to get back to studying! My exam is tomorrow and then my cumulative accounting final is a week from Saturday at 8am. First of all, how does one go about studying 12 chapters of accounting…uhhh ya. Second of all..HELP!!!

Wish me luck! I hope you hear from me soon! I’ll try to pop in frequently even if its just for a quick hello!

Have a great day everyone!