Home Sweet Home + Saturday Recap

by admin on November 18, 2012

Hi everyone!

guess what?! I’m home!! I flew home this morning and I was greeted at the airport by my mom and my favorite furry faces!

Lucy was on my lap and Duke’s head was attached to mine the whole way home. I also got lots of slobbery kisses from Duke so I should probably take a shower in the near future..

I missed my dogs SO much. Mainly because I’m completely, unhealthily obsessed with them! I hadn’t seen them since August! I’m never going that long again!

Once we got home my mom and I headed out to get some lunch. We were planning on trying this sushi place but it was closed. Then we tried going to blue ginger, but it was also closed. FAIL. We ended up at Boloco and it turned out to be delicious!

I got a small Summer burrito bowl that had mango salsa, chicken, black beans, cheese and added guac (because no burrito bowl is complete without it!). I loaded on the sriracha sauce after I snapped the pic. I love that they have sriracha there!  I ate most of it but left some rice behind. Delish!

After lunch, we went to the cheese shop to load up on cheeses for thanksgiving. If you are ever in the Boston area you MUST take a trip to Wasik’s Cheese Shop. Your life will be changed forever.


Yesterday was an eventful day! I went to my roommate Vanessa’s accapella concert, and then went to a fashion show that my other roommate Sonny organized

I also managed to get in a quick 30 minute Tabata work out that I made up

I called it the “Tennis Court” work out because I was going to go outside to the Tennis court behind my town house to do the work out. But I ended up just doing it inside..the much warmer option :) The burpees were the worst part..obviously. But it went by pretty fast!

I showered and got ready to go to Vanessa’s concert!

the concert was amazing. I started crying during Vanessa’s solo just because she was so good! I was really jealous watching the show, I wish I would have been up there singing with them! I kind of regret not auditioning sooner, and now I just feel like I don’t have time :( Maybe I’ll join some kind of group after I graduate. Which will uh..never happen because college lasts forever…

After the concert Molly and I stopped by the store to pick up ingredients for dinner. We were both craving Annies mac and cheese with chicken and peas. So that’s what we had!

I bought a rotisserie chicken, frozen peas, and a box of Annie’s. I adding in some buffalo sauce to make it buffalo mac and cheese. Not the healthiest dinner but it definitely hit the spot!

After dinner we got ready to head to the Fashion show

There were raffles at the show, so I bought 10 raffle tickets for 5 dollars and guess what?! I actually won something!

The lighting is pretty bad but I won 75 dollars worth of restaurant gift cards! Not bad for 5 dollars worth of raffle tickets! I’m obsessed with Homegrown so I was so excited! Plus I never win anything minus the one time I won a Love Grown granola giveaway.


I am currently hanging out on my couch with my dogs and I couldn’t be happier to finally be home:)

I hope everyone had a great weekend

(Duke is kissing my hand while I’m trying to type its making it a bit challenging lol)