New Omelet Creation + Coconut Cinnamon Sweet Potato Wedges

by admin on September 13, 2012

so since I essentially spend half my day gawking over foodgawker..the second I saw this picture I nearly died of excitment

these my friends, would be roasted portobello mushrooms with goat cheese, avocado, and roasted tomatoes

OH. MY. GOD…like all of my favorite things in one dish?!

i couldn’t stop thinking about the combination ever since I drooled over the picture, so yesterday for lunch i created my own version and made an omelet

this omelet.
SO GOOD…the combination of the mushrooms and tomatoes with goat cheese and avocado is seriously unreal.
to go with my dinner last night I made some Coconut Cinnamon Sweet Potato Wedges

¬†honestly didn’t expect the sweet potatoes to have that much coconut flavor but they really do! I will be using coconut oil to roast my sweet potatoes in from now on
My dinner last night (plus a few sweet potatoes that didn’t make the picture :)
Trader Joes salmon burger, cinnamon sweet potato wedges, and sauteed zucchini and red pepper
such a delicious dinner!
and I made more of this for dessert after Zumba :)
i have to head to the grocery store because I’m cooking dinner tonight for all my friends!
i hope it turns out good!
TGIT everyone!


Question for ya!: Do you ever look at foodgawker?