Mexican Sweet Potato Bowls

by Chelcie on July 15, 2012

good morning :)

so last night for dinner I was craving sweet potatoes and mexican food

both of which I haven’t had in a long time

so the logical explanation was to get a little creative, combine the two, and make Mexican Sweet Potato Bowls

i want to face plant into this picture. SO freaking good.

i didn’t take step by step pictures because i’m lazy i didn’t know if I was going to share the recipe or not but it turned out so yummy¬† i managed to snap a few pictures

i started out by roasted sweet potatoes at 425 degrees with some spices and olive oil for about 30 minutes

while the taters were roasting i made a quick veggie chili mixture

i just sauteed up a zucchini and added in a can of black beans, some frozen corn (i wish i had fresh!), and a can of diced fire roasted tomatoes with some chili powder, lime juice, and salt

toppings all ready to go

limes, avocado, scallions, cheese, hot sauce

first went the sweet potatoes

then the chili

then the avocado, cheese, lime juice, and hot sauce

a filling, healthy, and tasty mexican style meal?! yes pleaseeee

the perfect bite!

i feel silly sharing the recipe with you because its SO easy and is more of a method style recipe than an actual recipe..if that even makes sense..but i’m still going to share it anyways!

my brother said he’d like to have it for dinner 3 times a week..and i thought he wasn’t going to like it..little did i know i guess!



on another cooking related note this past week i tried out two new amazing recipes

eat, live, runs chicken, grilled peach, and goat cheese salad

amazing. grilled peaches + goat cheese + chicken + toasted hazelnuts= foodgasm

I also made Yes, I want Cake’s Quinoa Chicken Salad

equally amazing.

did i mention both of these recipes contain goat cheese

are you surprised?

maybe i should just re-name this blog the goat cheese lover

and i’ll leave you with this picture of my silly dog

i think he was thanking me for his dinner..or he was asking me to play fetch with him..probably a combination of the two


i hope everyone had a great weekend!


Question for ya!: Tried any new recipes lately? feel free to link up!