Loving Lately

by Chelcie on June 1, 2012

here are some things I’ve been loving lately…

my first batch of overnight oats since I’ve been home for summer

with large, fresh chunks of ripe mango along with some trader joes mango butter mixed in. SO GOOD.

Fresh Fruit

when stone fruits are in season there is really nothing better

Yogurt Bowl Combos

this mornings breakfast

  • plain fage greek yogurt
  • 1 nectarine
  • a couple strawberries
  • strawberry jam
  • granola(see below)

This Granola

if you are a local MA blogger you MUST be on the hunt for this granola..it is so freaking good. I need to go pick up a new bag clearly..

Gluten Free Pretzels

no I am not gluten free nor will I ever be because I am fortunate enough to not have a stomach issues..but these pretzels are just SO good. they taste like butter. i don’t know if that sounds weird but I’m telling you..gluten free or not you must try these!


when I come home from working a dinner shift at the restaurant I have these grand ideas of making myself a nice omelet on the drive home. then I get home, and all i want is cereal.

its a good thing my amazing mommy keeps a great cereal stash. Last nights combo was special k strawberries and rice chex with a cut up nectarine (told you I’m loving them!) and some bluebs

it takes all my willpower to not pour about 5 more bowls.

and on a totally non-food related note

spending time with my doggies:)

apparently its comfortable to shove your face in between pillows to sleep?..ugh shes so cute I can’t even deal

and this wack job

if anyone wants to come to my house and play fetch with Duke all day long. I will pay you

well since i only made 25 dollars last night at work -___-..maybe i’ll just bake you something delicious:)


now is the time where i convince myself to go for a run..I haven’t ran in uhhh a really long time

so we’ll see how this goes..


Question for ya!: What have YOU been loving lately?