WIAW-Day in the Life

by Chelcie on April 11, 2012


Happy WIAW!

I feel like I was hungry all day yesterday..pretty typical when I’m super busy..lets go through my whole day shall we?


wake up, get dressed in 2 minutes. Grab a vita top and coffee and head out the door


eat said vita top and chug coffee, then go to dance practice..dancing bright and early..nice way to get your blood pumpin in the morning


BREAKFAST..sorry about the recycled picture but this was my breakfast yesterday..nom nom nom


Go to the bookstore to study. Around 12 I took a quick study break to eat my lunch!

I packed up half a sliced red pepper, grape tomatoes, and 3 falafel balls from Trader Joes. All dipped in some cucumber tazitki (def not spelling that right lolz) also from Trader joes..this. was. SO good

i love trader joes


decide I’m over doing school work, (what else is new), and head home


consume a couple of these

these need to end NOW because I just can’t resist the urge to eat them! again trader joe..yous da bomb


Grocery store trip! i kind of have a love, hate relationship with going grocery shopping..love if I’m shopping at a place such as Trader Joes, hate if I’m shopping at the local pathmark in Newark, Delaware..


unload groceries..and decide its nap time


wake up from nap..realize that the eggplant I have in the oven is probably burnt by now cause I slept to long..yup its burnt. #winning

eat a few chips and dip

yes there is a lot of stuff on my kitchen table at the moment..


Gym time! I took Muscle Pump..not going to lie it was not an “omgee I love working out pumping iron WOO” type gym day..I wanted to die the whole time

I kept looking at the clock

I kept giving the instructor looks like ‘are you really making us do this right now?!’

but hey at least i went right?


dinna time!

i made myself a quick egg white omelet with roasted zucchini, spinach and goat cheese..well my attempt at making the omelet didn’t go over so well..but at least it still tasted good

I ate half a baked sweet potato alongside topped with some hummus and more goat cheese

hummus+sweet potato+goat cheese= BEST COMBO EVER

my math skills are top notch


attend public speaking event


write this blog post

12pm..I mean 12am



i didn’t even have a single class yesterday (Tuesday is my one “no class” ) day, yet I’d say my day was pretty productive..yes even including the almost 2 hour nap I took

I don’t nap that often so its whateva

Time to go to stat class, then anth, then break, then class, then home, then work out..

all I want to do is go back to bed.

I hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: Whats the best thing you’ve eaten recently?

I would have to say my lunch yesterday! i love falafel!