WIAW-Miami edition

by Chelcie on March 28, 2012


Just blogging from my hotel bed in Miami this morning!

Happy WIAW



So yesterday I was up at 4:30am because my flight to Florida was at 6:40am..yes we are crazy

At the airport I grabbed a small yogurt and banana which I didn’t take a picture of..I took a few bites of the yogurt and ate my whole banana

Oh and I got ice coffee..extremely necessary!

Since I flew southwest they handed out complementary snacks on the plane!


I don’t normally eat 100 calorie packs but these were delicious!!


Once we got to Miami, our friend Ross picked us up at the airport and took us to one of his favorite bagel shops

I got a everything bagel with turkey, lettuce, and tomato


I pretty much dominates this..I was starving!!

The happiest of hours

Since we’re on vacation..


This ginormous drink was a long beach ice tea..I don’t even know what was in it but I do know tequila was involved

Oh and I should probably mention these drinks were 2 for 25$

We were both feeling it to say the least


We went as a big group to dinner at The News Cafe

By the time we actually got our food I was starving..the last time we ate anything was at 10:30am..and after having two large drinks this is NOt okay

So I definitely didn’t choose the healthiest item on the menu but the alcohol influence and the fact that I needed carbs badly did not help

So I ended up ordering a chicken panini with goat cheese and sweet potato fries


Sorry for the bad photo quality! This tasted so good while I was eating it..but afterwards I’m not gunna lie I felt really guilty and gross

I’ve noticed that I have a hard time excepting indulgences because normally I only indulge “in moderation” and yesterday was definitely not an example of that

But today is a new day, and I am going to make wiser eating choices throughout the day so I can have a drink or 2 and not feel as guilty

I’m starting off the morning by going for a run along the beach! It doesn’t get any better than that!’

I hope everyone has a great day!!

<3 Chelcie

Question for ya!: do you feel guilty when you go a little overboard on vacation?