Sangria, Paella, and Pinkberry

by Chelcie on March 23, 2012

Hello from Massachusetts!

(side note i’m SO happy I’m home right now and not sitting in my stat class:) )

So yesterday was a pretty crazy day, but I finally made it home around 7pm

My dogs (well mainly just Lucy) were SO happy to see me!

MY LUCY..shes such a beauty..i wish I had my mom video tape her seeing me she was bugging out it was so cute

Duke doesn’t know who I am still..awesome

"chelcie all I care about in life are tennis balls and playing fetch"


Anyways, can I just say I have the best mom in the entire world!

As soon as I got through the door I was greeted with a glass of homemade sangria and a beautifully set dinner table

My mom is the worlds best Sangria maker:)

And for dinner she made homemade Paella!

SO good!! Ten time better than any paella I ever had in Spain..we all know that my host mom wasn’t the best cook..

And then for dessert…

GAHH..could you die?! look at how much pinkberry that is!!

My mom got me half chocolate and half regular


And then we took some cuddling pictures with Lucy

And my mom failed to tell me I had chocolate on my face until after the picture was taken..

I’m bringing Lucy back to school with me

Duke can stay here..

Oh and then i passed out at 9:30

A few glasses of Sangria will do that to you..

I woke up this morning and went for a run in the park with the dogs and my mom!

And since my mom knew i was coming home she also bought peanut butter AND almond butter for me

These are both SO good!

I went for the almond butter this morning for breakfast!


I’m going to Newport later today to see my Nanny!!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another recap

TGIF everyone!