St Patty’s Day Festivities

by Chelcie on March 18, 2012


So I hope everyone had an awesome St. Patty’s day celebration!..It was prettty crazy here yesterday and there were more cops out then I’ve ever seen..cops always trying to ruin everyone’s good rude right?!

But anywho, I still managed to have an awesome day!

here are some pics!

Fav picture of the day:)

Day drinking pictures come out so much better than nighttime pictures

Truth: Even though I feel kind of shitty about all the gross food and alcohol was 100% worth it because I had a great time

Truth: I saw a really fluffy bernese mountain dog and I threatened to steal (random much?)

I am so exhausted and have a quiz tomorrow morning that I should probably go start studying for..

normal blogging resumes tomorrow


Question for ya!: Did you do anything fun for St. Patty’s Day?