Thoughts from the Weekend

by Chelcie on February 13, 2012

Hi everyone!

Sorry I was so MIA this weekend! Let’s just say sorority recruitment took over my life this past week/weekend and I loved every exhausting minute of it

So while I don’t really have a full cohesive “re-cap” to share with you…here are some random/not so random thoughts from my weekend

I miss my dogs a mom sent me this picture of Duke sleeping on the couch/table..he’s a pretty talented dog

I discovered I love bubble tea..this could be either a good or bad friend Lindsay convinced me to try her Thai Chai frozen bubble tea..and after one sip I immediately ordered my own

Sushi is awesome..especially after you haven’t eaten in about 5 hours.

Cereal should only be eaten with chocolate almond milk..or regular chocolate milk..its seriously AMAZING


Jumping up and down for 5 straight hours, singing songs, and talking to random girls is actually a lot more fun then it sounds


Wearing heals while jumping up and down for 5 hours is slightly painful.. #recruitmentproblems


Skit round yesterday was SO much fun..even though I can’t really feel my body today I was really upset when the round was over


I ate dinner at 11pm last night


I didn’t go to my first 2 classes today…sometimes these things just happen..oh well


I’m really upset my stash of Love Grown Granola is diminishing..

I LOVE my sorority


i hope everyone has a great day!


Question for ya!: What did you do this weekend?!

My weekend was ALL recruitment..literally from 10am-1am yesterday..I promise its normal…