A New Phone?

by Chelcie on January 23, 2012

Good Morning!

sorry I was MIA yesterday…I was just a little distracted by the fact that I needed to get a new phone

Meet my new Iphone 4s (the white one)..the black iphone 4 is my old phone that I managed to drop in the TOILET when I was out Saturday night..like seriously? I use to make fun of people that dropped their phone in the toilet..and then I did it

Note to self: don’t keep your phone in your back jean pocket while going to the bathroom.

And in case your wondering..insurance does nOT cover mistakes made by idiots (that would be me)..aka water damage or screen cracks

So 220 dollars later..at least I got to upgrade from the 4 to 4s?

moving on..


Superbowl party here I come:)..I have a lot of friends here who are Giants fans so this should be interesting..especially since last time we played the Giants in the Superbowl they won..not this time baby! (I am such a football fan poser)

On an even more random note..I tried 3 of my new chobani flavors this weekend and the winner was definitely the Passionfruit

Holy awesomeness this flavor is AMAZING. I also tried the blood orange and apple cinnamon..the blood orange was good..the apple cinnamon I wasn’t really a fan of! I thought it would be my favorite too! It just kind of tasted like eating a sour apple to me..bleh!

The past 2 nights I went out to the same mexican restaurant..but failed to take any pictures both times..sometimes when I’m with people that don’t really know about the blog I feel awkward..does this happen to any of you?

But nevertheless I ate lots of chips and salsa, guac, and fish tacos..deelishhh

And this morning’s breakfast is Overnight Pumpkin Butter Oats

topped with a few frozen berries and almond butter..yummm

I don’t have a very eventful day planned..just some grocery shopping and bodyrocking:)

I hope everyone has an awesome day!!


Question for ya!: Have you ever broken a phone? Did it cost you a lot to get a new one?

When I had a blackberry I had to replace my phone a bagillion times and insurance always covered the cost..but the lady at the store told me iphones are more expensive then any other phone to replace..umm YA they are..goodbye to my bank account

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GOtheXtraMile January 23, 2012 at 4:13 pm


I loveee the white! I wanted that one, but I didn’t feel like spending more money. I have the worst luck with phones. I think I’ve had 23094192 in my lifetime. I’ve dropped like 3 in the pool, one in a cup of soup and coffee? and the floor, etc. Luckily, my iPhone is going strong (knock on wood).

Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog January 23, 2012 at 5:48 pm


I have been wanting to upgrade my iphone. I still have the 3gs! I love the new look of the 4g more.

I really want to try the passion fruit and blood orange flavors now!

Chelcie's Food Files January 23, 2012 at 7:00 pm


Passion fruit is a must!

Newly Wife Healthy Life January 24, 2012 at 7:17 pm


Hi Chelcie! I just found your blog :-) I have the same iPhone with the exact same case! I was in desperate need of a new phone, mine replaced the LG Chocolate, if you can even remember those! lol Looking forward to reading more! :-)

Chelcie's Food Files January 24, 2012 at 8:29 pm


thank you!:)

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