Thursday Throwback-Favorite childhood foods

by Chelcie on November 17, 2011


So for this weeks throwback I decided to do something a little different and do a recap of certain foods I use to eat ALL the time when I was younger

And I decided to throw in this picture of me striking a pose at my first dance recital..I think I was 2 or 3 in this picture

So back to the food..I was never a picky eater, and I would actually get offended when  I would go to restaurants and be handed a kids menu when I was 5, who did they think I was?! a child?! Basically I would always look at a menu, find anything that had goat cheese in it, and order it

I did go through certain phases, especially with breakfast. I went through a phase where I loved to eat pumpernickel bagels

Toasted with cream cheese of course! And I use to only ever eat half of a bagel, never the whole thing.
I hated cereal for the LONGEST time, but then when I decided I liked it, one of my favorites for a while was Cinnamon toast crunch
A couple of favorites:  chedder and sour cream ruffles potato chips and pizza lunchables..
My 21 year old brother may or may not still eat these..blehhhh. I use to go for the cheese and pepperoni combo!
And then there were certain treats that my mom would refuse to buy, but when I would be at my friend’s house I would get SO excited about eating
Dunkaroos!! Seriously, these things are awesome. I would definitely still get excited about eating one now..
And another “friends house only” treat was Toaster Strudels
These particular foods make me think of my childhood, but there are definitely a lot more I could think of!
Sometimes I miss the days where I would just eat whatever I wanted and not think twice about it, oh to be young again..hahhh.
Side note I’m flying home tomorrow for break! and THANKSGIVING IS A WEEK AWAY! So freaaaakinggg excited!! 
Question: What were some of your favorite childhood treats?