Bananas Foster Oatmeal

by Chelcie on October 10, 2011

Oh. My. God.

I may or may not have come up with the greatest oatmeal creation of all time. Yup I went there.


And better yet, I turned these oats into OIAJ- oats in a jar!

First off, slice up some banana with a tablespoon of brown sugar (I can literally eat brown sugar that gross? maybe) 1 tsp butter, and some maple syrup in a pan

Do you see that butter starting to melt! YUM. I used earth balance spread instead of regular butter, but either works just fine! (A don’t skip the butter! Its what makes it bananas foster-y)

Heat it up until it becomes all bubbly and to make it a true bananas foster you could add some rum in there..I know its a breakfast food..but I wouldn’t judge you if you added the rum

Once the sugar caramelizes on the bottom( YUM), add in 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup water, a splash of milk, some ground cinnamon, and vanilla extract

Cover and simmer for about 5 minutes until most of the liquid is absorbed


Then poor into a bowl, or an empty nut butter jar like I did and add desired toppings






I gave my roomie a taste and she said something like.. “unreal, blog about this now”

This taste EXACTLY like bananas foster. I’m telling you. It may not be the healthiest oatmeal recipe, but it is AMAZING. and on a morning after you’ve worked for 9 hours straight waitressing..yup I did that yesterday hence the no blog post, this oatmeal hits the spot.

Make it now.

Oh and I’m planning a dinner tonight that involves two of my favorite things..GOAT CHEESE AND CARAMELIZED if it turns out good I’ll post the recipe later!

Two recipes in one day? Wild.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

<3 Chelcie