My Last 3 Trips

by admin on July 15, 2015


My original plan was to do a recap after each trip but somehow time slipped away from me so here I am with a LONG post. Buckle up!

My first “mini vaca” I should call it was a trip to NYC to visit Maju and Lindsay! I finally got to reunite with Lindsay after not seeing her for a whole year since she was in Japan. It was a pretty epic reunion!


it was such a nice day out so after lunch (brunch?) we went to The Frying Pan, which is an awesome (but overly priced..) outdoor bar in NYC. It is a boat transformed into a bar. The drinks aren’t very strong but the movement of the boat is enough to make you feel a little tipsy ;)


IMG_1742 IMG_1726

Brunch was at the Egg Shop. It was a cute little diner that served a bunch of different egg dishes. Hence the name. I love eggs so I was all about it. I mean just look at that yolk porn!!! I got some version of a egg blt. I’m a sucker for anything blt and it was delicious.


IMG_1728 10985042_10204539097780848_7224715253087671345_n

The Frying Pan is pretty close to Chelsea market, so we ventured over there afterwards. Clearly they spelled my name wrong or something idk..



There are so many delicious food options in Chelsea Market its hard to decide, but the tacos are always a wise choice. Homemade corn tortillas are what dreams are made of.



The next day we met up at Broadway Bites for lunch. Just a bunch of different delicious little food trucks. We got a bit of everything from different carts. Those would be burnt end chili nachos. I KNOW. The pad thai was so delicious I wanted to swim in it.



And the korean chicken wings. I need to figure out how these were made because they were the juiciest, most flavorful chicken wings I’ve ever had.



#beingbasic. When its nice out really the only thing to do is to find cool outdoor bars and drink. Am I right?


Dinner was delicious pizza at Marta. The carbonara pizza was AMAZING.

For the 4th I went down to New Jersey to reunite with all my best college pals!



I had my first encounter with a selfie stick. IT WAS AWESOME.



The following weekend (this past weekend) I flew down to Baltimore for my cousins wedding!



before the rehearsal dinner



I wish I got pictures of the rehearsal dinner. My cousin’s wife is Persian and my cousin is from a Polish background. They collaborated and had a mix of persian and polish food. It was all SO GOOD. Perogies, delicious persian braised lamb, kabobs, different rice dishes and vegetables, and so much more.



the beautiful bride :)



me and the cous. She did both my hair and make up. She rocks.



fam bam



I liked our color coordination. (yes, I planned it lol)


IMG_1815 IMG_1823 IMG_1831

I think I was saying something idk





THOSE CAKE POPS THOUGH. It’s going to be a hard decision at my future wedding between a tower of cake pops or a tower of pizza slices. Maybe i’ll have both so the guests can decide between sweet and savory.


the beautiful venue. Maju really wanted to go down and play golf. I did not have the same desire.



IMG_1839 IMG_1848

Sunday night we arrived home to a beautiful cooked dinner by our good friends Sarah and Robbie. They are the best. I mean look at all that delicious summer food!! Swoon.




kisses for du! He looks alarmed haha


June Things

by admin on June 19, 2015

for lack of a more creative title..

knowing my late track record of posting once every couple of weeks my next post will probably be called July Things.

But hey! How goes it?


Duke and his adorable nose says hello! You can tell he’s always super enthused when I take pictures of him..

Let’s see what’s been happening

I convinced Maju to take the bus to Boston last week so we could hang by the pool and drink all day


gotta love days off from work :)

We also had an amazing dinner at Ribelle in Brookline. Dining al fresco is my favorite

Ribelle serves seasonal modern italian food. Their menu changes weekly and is comprised of small plates meant for sharing. everything we got was ahmazingg


hamachi crudo


lambs tongue. YUP. We tried lambs tongue!! it’s buried under the beautiful cucumber salad. It was surprisingly very delicious!


our favorite dish: handmade pasta with cheese fondue sauce and braised short ribs. oh myyy gahhhhh


spaghetti with ramps


duck roulette with herb sauce. Definitely not the right description but thats how I remember it. Those little green bundles were bok choy all rolled up. How cool is that?!


I’ve discovered that mashed banana on toast is way better than sliced banana. I also have a problem when it comes to Justin’s vanilla almond butter. I’ve been going through a whole jar in about two weeks. And that ish ain’t cheap! *sigh*


our kitchen renovation in my Natick house is complete! I can’t get over all the amazing changes. We (we lol I had nothing to do with this) my parents along with kitchen designers planned the remodel. A wall was knocked down to open up our kitchen and we got a brand new refrigerator!!! Sadly that’s one of the things I’m most excited about because our old fridge really had to go..


I LOVE the big island.


got some new kicks! I plan on breaking them in at the gym this morning :)


last night I helped my Mom make a delicious summery meal. Summer food is my FAV. I’ve definitely expressed my love for summer food multiple times before.


i believe this mexican chopped salad recipe was inspired by a recipe found in an edition of cooking light magazine. The dressing was a cumin lime viniagrette. Whenever I see that much avocado in one place I just wanna face plant right into it.

IMG_1689 IMG_1690

we had quite the mexican feast. Quesadillas with mango salsa, fish tacos, and mexican chopped salad. Don’t let one fish taco fool you, I most definitely had two. Along with two delicious glasses of rose.


the next few weeks are filled with a lot of fun activities for me! Visiting NY, going to new jersey with all my college friends for the 4th, and my cousins wedding!

I’ll be sure to have a nice long recap post after all of that!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, ¬†we’ll chat soon :)



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