Thanksgiving 2014

by admin on November 28, 2014

good morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day!

I passed out at 8:30pm last night and slept in until 9am this morning. Ya, idk either. I LOVE being back in a queen sized bed though. I was sprawlin out like crazy.

Anywho, onto yesterday!

My mom got me up for the Turkey Trot 5k

I wasn’t thrilled, but I’ve run it almost every year so decided why the heck not. Even though I’m not used to running in such cold temperatures!!

The race was okay. I actually realized I had too many layers on and was extremely hot. I finished in 29 minutes with a couple walking breaks because my knee has been bothering me lately.


the highlight of the race was spotting this adorable puppy.

We brought the dogs to the race but they stayed in the car so Duke was giving me the hairy eyeball when we were in the car to take him to the park. I wasn’t really feeling another run, but Duke pushed me to do it

We went to our favorite spot, Wellesley!

IMG_9981 IMG_9982 IMG_9983

as you can see, it was pretty snowy on the whole trail so my 2.5 mile run was more like a 2.5 mile walk/trot/light jog. Duke was enjoying it (note: I was not) so I guess that’s all that matters.


me very happy the thanksgiving running is over!

the rest of the day was filled with dinner prep and lounging!


Lucy’s a pro at lounging :)


before we knew it it was time for the feast!

on our menu:

  • Turkey with pan gravy
  • mashed potatoes
  • whipped roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash
  • sauteed brussel sprouts with apple and bacon
  • herb stuffing
  • cornbread pudding
  • cranberry sauce
  • sweet and sour onions


the star of the show! I stuffed the turkey with a bunch of herbs, half and onion, and half an orange. Then i rubbed the skin with a lot of butter, salt, and pepper. I roasted it at 450 for 30 minutes and then 350 for the remainder of the time. I meant to take it out a wee bit earlier so it was a tad dry (or at least in my perfectionist opinion hah) everyone else said it was cooked perfectly though


It was my first time making homemade dinner rolls. I followed this recipe which was super simple and they turned out great!


the spread! (pumpkin pie and apple tart for dessert!)

IMG_7949 IMG_7950


my plate. Everything was delicious! I was pretty proud of my gravy (I’ve learned how to make good gravy at school with all the roast chicken entrees I’ve made) the key is good homemade stock!


I had to take a picture of my brothers plate because that not the most ridiculous plate of food you’ve ever seen. He made a pretty good dent in it but he wasn’t able to finish it.

I had a piece of apple tart for dessert (along with a few glasses of vino) and then I was sufficiently stuffed!

It was a wonderful thanksgiving. There is always so much to be thankful for, which is why Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. Celebrating gratitude surrounded by loved ones and great food. Nothing is better than that :)


I’ll be back Monday with some pictures from my time at home!





Vegetarian Day!

by admin on November 25, 2014


I get to fly home TONIGHT!! EEEK!! I downloaded some quality television to watch on the plane. Anyone watch Vanderpump Rules? It’s quality TV let me tell ya…HAH. It’s trash, and I love it.

Speaking of TV. I’m actually FREAKING OUT OVER HOMELAND!!! OMG. This season is so good. And SO CRAZY!!

anywho, moving onto food.

Yesterday in class we had a woman who teaches nutrition come talk to us about healthy eating/cooking. She showed us some pretty alarming stat’s on the growth of obesity in America. She emphasized, since people on average consume 30% of their calories from restaurant food, that it is our responsibility as future chefs to change this.  I couldn’t agree more!

After lecture, we got to cooking. Yesterday’s menu emphasized healthy cooking, specifically vegetarian items.

Okay so not all the recipes were that healthy, but most of them were!


I made korean bulgogi mushroom tacos with kimchee slaw. They were amazeballs. I made a traditional korean bulgogi sauce, similar recipe here, and then browned mushrooms in a pan, followed by ground turkey meat, and then combined them both together with the sauce and reduced it down. I’m totally on board for healthy tacos that taste AMAZING.

some other recipes made yesterday


check out all that avo! hooray for healthy fats!

IMG_9937 IMG_9938 IMG_9939

an example of a not so healthy item. Fried falafel. But it sure is tasty. I had one paired with lots of tzaziki sauce. Nom


I’m obsessed with soba noodles! This was delicious.


i hope everyone has a great day! I’ll check back when I’m on the east coast!!! EEEEK



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