Hello from NYC! My new home!!

by admin on February 11, 2016


I’m writing up this post while sitting on my bed in my new apartment that just happens to be located in NYC. I freaking LIVE here now. It still doesn’t seem real, about 2 weeks into this whole city life thang. Sometimes I forget that I live here now. But when I’m awoken by loud beeps and sirens, I remember 😉

Seriously though, why do people honk their horns so much? Like just relaxxxx a little. Coming from the most road rage human there is (->me)

Lets back up a bit. The weekend before I made the big move, I flew down from Boston to Philly to spend a weekend with all my best pals. For once in probably all of history, Philly was getting hit HARD with a snow storm and Boston was only getting a few inches. Some people might think I’m crazy for flying into a snow storm (literally) but luckily my flights timing wise turned out in my favor. The flight gods were on my side for once it was lovely.


Pure happiness. The snow didn’t really get bad until later Friday night. It was weird to see a whole city basically shut down. Got a glimpse of what life is like without cars/ubers. If only we had a horse and buggy we would of been solid. Saturday during the day we spent the majority of the morning playing drinking games (cause what else do you do on an epic snow day?) and then finally made our way into town to a local bar.


It was such a fun weekend. We rarely get to all get together so I was very happy I made the decision to brave the snow and go on the quick trip. Also, I won a bet with my Dad over whether or not I would make it back on Sunday. Winning was the icing on the cake of a great weekend.

I turned right back around and went to NYC on Monday afternoon so I could attend Maju’s holiday party with him. Of course the next morning I begged to go to Sadelles for brunch cause its really my favorite place ever. If they need a groupie, I’m their girl.


I strayed from my usual bagel and lox for their epic tuna melt. Just look at that beauty. I have a weird obsession with tuna melts. Whoever thought of turning a bagel inside out and creating a panini type sandwich was GENIUS (and maybe under the influence of something..;) )

My mom met me in the city Tuesday and the moving company came Wednesday morning. I moved into a 3rd floor walk up, so the movers were seriously life savers. It was a quick and painless process. Now onto more food!


happy hour guac and margs with Mom from The Black Ant.


there’s a cute little coffee shop/deli right next door that serves delicious sandwiches/bagels. This was a turkey sandwich with sundried tomato spread and manchego cheese. I’ve also tried their bagels which are delish.


I’ve cooked a few meals in my apartment, but after Lindsay and I enjoyed a meal I cooked for her (this curry, and this past week I made another batch of my favorite soup), we made the wise choice to go for ice cream at Van Leeuwen. There are way too many delicious options within walking distance from me. Like seriously, it’s a problem (an amazing, amazing problem)


Also within walking distance, Russ and Daughters. A famous establishment known for their bagel/fish combinations. I still favor Sadelles but this bagel did hit the spot.


Met krij for happy hour one day and shared this delicious mac and cheese. There’s more mac and cheese at the end of this post. Did I mention I joined a gym as well? Yea, so it’s been helping with some sort of balance hah.


I’ve never been a huge chinese food fan (like the greasy take out crap, ew) But authentic noodles and dumplings is something I can seriously stand behind. We shared the spicy lamb dumplings (omg) and homemade pulled noodles with braised chicken. Seriously salivating just thinking about how delicious this was. Oh, this place (X’ian Famous Foods) is also about a 5 minute walk from me :)


Right next to Xian famous foods is a cute little ice cream shop called Davey’s ice cream. Maju had been craving a milk shake so when we turned the corner and saw a peanut butter pie milk shake (!!!!!) advertised we had to stop in. He enjoyed most of it but they gave me a little baby cup of what couldn’t fit in his cup. There were legit chunks of pie crust in the shake. I die.


One day we went back to Brooklyn for some pizza and to get a few things from Maju’s place. Maju lives around the corner from the infamous Roberta’s Pizza. Still not sure what took us so long to visit but omg. We went for the Bee sting (pepperoni, fresh basil, mozzarella, and a honey drizzle) with an egg on top. Life is better with an egg on top.


National bagel day, national pizza day, SO MANY DAYS!! Krij had slept over so she convinced me to come get a bagel with her. I mean, if I have to..We went to Tompkins square bagels. Their bagels are massive and they are spot on with the filler to bagel ratio. No skimping there! This was a whole wheat everything with veggie cream cheese, tomato, and onion. Krij and I did some serious walking (and some shopping) to work off our bagels.


Delicious thai dinner out with Eliza at the Mini Thai Cafe. We shared the shrimp pad thai and pineapple curry.


Joe’s pizza is my favorite slice in the city.


A trip to the Little Cupcake Bakeshop for a slice of peanut butter and jelly cake. I mean, why would you ever eat a regular peanut butter and jelly when you can have it in cake form?! Maju dominated the slice but I assisted :)

We went for an early V-day dinner at Root and Bone. I’m a total Top Chef geek, and Top chef alum Janine Booth opened up this southern charm spot with her partner Jeff Mcinnis. They specialize in southern classics like fried chicken, mac and cheese, and shrimp and grits. We went for the classics: Fried chicken (you can either get a half chicken or whole chicken, we got a whole which was definitely aggressive. But makes for good leftovers!)


the fried chicken is served with a delicious tabasco honey sauce. I wouldn’t recommend this on, say, a first date, but Maju and I are clearly past that point and we were both diving in. Pretty sure I got fried chicken in my hair at one point. It’s whatever #truelove


for sides we shared the mac and cheese and collard greens. I would go back everyday just for the sides. I’m a collard greens fanatic and I mean who doesn’t love mac and cheese.


As for the job front, it’s a long story. But let’s just say I’ve enjoyed having my free time but applying to countless jobs gets exhausting and I’m more than ready to be settled and working. The light at the end of the tunnel is drawing very near (thank god for both my sanity and wallet) Adjusting to any city is challenging and this has just been an added challenge. But hey, such is life. A couple meltdowns and some pizza later and I’m all good. I’m happy and very grateful to have such a solid support group here with me. It has made this somewhat messy transition much more enjoyable.

I’m not sure where this little bloggy of mine is going to fit into the picture. As some of you may know, I started a food instagram account (@realdelicious) so I’ve been thinking about changing my blog platform completely into a new domain and go in a different direction of restaurant reviews/recipes. It will remain a work in progress. I’ll pop in soon with some more exciting updates (and obvi more food because food=life)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



NYC updates (Mostly food)

by admin on January 13, 2016


how is everyone doing?

So let’s backtrack. In the past week and a half I left my job in Boston and packed up my things to head to NYC to both find a job and place to live. Well I have good news! I’ve found both! My job doesn’t start for a little while and I don’t move into my new place until the end of January. Soooo basically I’ve been staying with Maju, hanging out with friends, and going out to eat A LOT.

My belly is happy but my wallet is sad. Welcome to NYC I suppose!

I try not to go to the same places because there are so many places to eat in this city. However, I can’t resist going back to my current favorite spots. My repeats this past week have been Sadelles, Blackseed bagels, and By Chloe


maybe one day when I go to Sadelles I’ll order something other than the everything bagel with house lox. It’s just too damn good I can’t resist. Allow I must say, I do have my eye on their tuna melt.


By Chloe is a new fast food vegan restaurant that is ALWAYS crowded. Like literally, always. But theres a good reason, the food is amazingly delicious and fresh. A bonus is that the prices are super reasonable for the amount of food you get. I’ve been three times now and I just wanna keep going back to try everything on the menu. It really is that good. This was the spicy thai salad. A mixture of kale and lettuces with quinoa, veggies, crispy wontons, seitan (which I learned I like) with a spicy peanut dressing. So good


My current favorite though is their taco salad. Chorizo soy crumbles, avocado, tomatoes, corn, black beans, qunioa, lettuce, tortilla strips, all tossed in a delicious lime viniagrette.


and we most certainly can’t forget about their latest item on the “secret menu” the oh so fancy fries. A mixture of chorizo crumble, “cheese” sauce, and other deliciousness I can’t remember. Oh my word are these good. I’m still trying to convince Maju to come with me. The word vegan scares him a bit 😉


blackseed bagels, you have my heart. This was a bacon egg and cheese with chive cream cheese. Yea. It was pretty damn tasty.


oh and we certainly can’t forget about the pizza consumption..so. much. pizza. These were only two of the slices over the past week I managed to document. Yikes. I mean, yum.


Maju and I went to this trendy hipster place in Brooklyn for brunch called the Brooklyn Star. This was a poached egg dish with black beans, homemade chorizo, masa cakes, and fresh salsa. It was delicious but there was no need for that many beans. I didn’t even make a dent in it.


we also split a cinnamon bun. It was like a huge pillsbury cinnamon bun on crack. Mmmm


dinner at Parm. It is a casual fast service italian joint that serves a variation of the same 4 dishes. Eggplant parm, chicken parm, italian hoagies, etc. You can get the eggplant or chicken parm on a sub, roll, or as a platter served with pasta in a spicy vodka sauce. I went for the eggplant parm platter. It was VERY yummy. We also got some calamari and garlic bread for the table. We were with Maju’s friend that use to work at the restaurant so we were treated like VIP’S. No big deal or anything (loved the extra wine pour on the house)


sushi dinner date with Lindsay :) We found a place right by her (Kumo Sushi) that does 3 rolls for 13 bucks or 2 specialty rolls for 18. So we got one of both and shared. Yes, its a lot of sushi. Yes we finished it all :)


Maju has been telling me about the grilled oysters from Dirty French for a while now. I’m been dying to get my hands on them, so yesterday before dinner we went to grab a drink and some grilled oysters. Dirty French is located inside the Ludlow Hotel. It’s a nice cozy bar to grab a good glass of wine and some delicious french food with a twist.

For our anniversary (a whole 365 days!!) we went to a special dinner at Cosme. Cosme is a super authentic, upscale Mexican restaurant. The menu is designed as a sharing menu, featuring both smaller plates and bigger plates for the table. When you don’t recognize about 80% of the ingredients on the menu  you know its legit :)


“Sliced raw fish, poblano, buddha’s hand, finger lime, avocado” I learned that buddha’s hand is a type of citrus that resembles the texture of caviar. This dish was super flavorful, bright, and fresh. Loved it.


Tlayuda, black garbanzo, stracciatella, avocado, chicharrón. Tlayuda is basically like a mexican pizza. This was my favorite dish of the night. I loved all the bright fresh vegetables on top with the crispy crust on the bottom. They serve fresh homemade salsas with most courses as an accompainment.


Duck carnitas, onions, radishes, salsa verde . There are really no words. An entire leg of duck served carnitas style with homemade corn tortillas and fresh salsas.


I was in taco tuesday euphoria.

After dinner we headed to Madison Square Garden to watch the Celtics beat the Knicks. Oh wait, actually the Knicks beat the Celtics. But it was a close game! I also know nothing, nor do I care, about basketball so I was happy for Maju that his team won :) It was one of my christmas gifts to him so I’m happy he enjoyed it!


We didn’t par take in any of the stadium food, just a couple of beers :)


NYC, I like you a lot. I’m excited to begin my next life journey here!

I’ll be back with an update once I’m settled into my new place!


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