Weekend Scenes-Trip to LA

by admin on January 27, 2015


I don’t have much time to post, but I wanted to pop in to say a quick hello and tell you a bit about my weekend!

I flew down to Los Angeles on Saturday to visit my friend Norman from college. We did some fun touristy things I requested (walking the santa monica pier, going to runyon canyon to hike and see the Hollywood sign) and went out Saturday night

here are some snapshots




every place I went to in LA seemed so hipster.

IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0684

beach selfies!


there’s the sign! The houses in the Hollywood hills are pretty unreal. No celeb spottings unfortunately


It was a fun yet quick trip!

I got back yesterday evening and to avoid some of the traffic home my friend and I stopped for dinner


We went to this cute little Italian restaurant in Berkeley. I got the chicken picatta and we also ordered some garlic bread to share. I almost polished off this whole plate believe it or not.


this morning I was back to my usual favorite. Breakfast cookie dough cereal with some frozen berries on top.

I hit the gym to do week 1, workout 1 of winter shape up! It was a doosey let me tell ya. Maybe because I didn’t workout all weekend hah..


my mom sent me this picture of Mr. Duke in the snow storm. I can’t say I miss the snow, but I do miss my pups!


I’ll report back later in the week with some pictures from my first week of Baking and Pastry class!



Scenes From the Week

by admin on January 24, 2015


Remember me? Ya me neither. Sorry I didn’t get around to posting at all this week. Usually during the last week of a class block (which was this week) time just slips away from me.

This past week we wrapped up yet another culinary course, Cuisines of the Mediterranean.

Some pics from the week..


I made stuffed cabbage rolls. They were quite tasty!


soooo many perogies were made/eaten in class this past week.


I think a cardinal rule should be that everything with an egg on top automatically tastes better



duck fat potatoes. Brings me back to the trip I took to France with my Mom where we were served a huge bowl of potatoes fried in duck fat at lunch one day. I happened to have drank way too much French wine the night before and those fries were pretty much the best thing that could have possibly happened to me.


My friend Danielle made the most amazing stuffed duck with apples.

The theme of culinary school thus far. Me: ‘Eh, I don’t like X that much” I proceed to take a bite of X. “OMG THAT’S SO GOOD!!” Ya. My palette has most definitely expanded :)


can’t get enough of these drinks.


I don’t usually take pictures of my lunch but here is one of them from this past week. Lentil salad, mixed greens, braised greens, and garlic shrimp. Yum.


One of my chef instructors is from Denmark and made us one of his childhood favorites for a snack. Jelly stuffed donut holes. Once again, I claim I don’t like donuts. These were different. I thoroughly enjoyed two fresh of the frying pan.


I made this dish and it tasted a lot like beef strogonoff. Oh ya, I also claim that I don’t like red meat but I think that has also changed. Steak is tasting so good lately.


One thing that hasn’t changed, my hatred for smoked products, especially fish. YUCK. I made these blini’s and enjoyed the ones I just topped with sour cream and chives.


Swedish meatballs! Homemade of course. We didn’t get ours from Ikea ;)

IMG_0657 IMG_0658

Traditional open faced Danish sandwiches. When I went to Denmark we went to a traditional Smorsbord restaurant and I just remember thinking it was the most disgusting meal ever haha I may have different thoughts now that I’m a wee bit older


I switched it up one morning and made a pancake for breakfast. 1 banana, 1 egg, half a scoop of protein powder, and cinnamon. Cooked in a pan and then topped with lots of peanut butter. Very nomtastic.


For our last class day, each team was assigned a different Mediterranean country and had to prepare a 4 course meal using key flavor components and ingredients from that country. My team’s country was Greece. We made a mezze of dips and homemade pita, a shrimp skewer, lamb chops with tomato orzo, and baklava. Lamb chops are SO good man.


my baklava masterpiece :)

Today we took a somewhat random field trip for the last day of class. Our first stop was to a Halal butchery.


My first thought when I walked in “get me out of here!!!” I chose to opt out of watching a chicken get slaughtered. The fresh air outside was a much more pleasant option in my opinion.

Luckily the day got better once we left there hah


We went to a cool spice shop. I got a couple spices and a jar of homemade sriracha (!!!)


The last stop was lunch! I ate all the hummus and pita bread. Along with bomb grape leaves, falafel, baba ganoush, some lamb and chicken schwarma, and a couple bites of baklava. Serious food baby happened after that meal.


We have a long weekend this weekend so I’m off to LA to visit my pal from College!

I’ll be back Tuesday with some pictures from the trip :)



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