First Day of A La Carte Class

by admin on October 22, 2014


(Side note, I had this spanish couple sitting next to me on the flight home and the women kept trying to speak to me in Spanish, which ahem, I no longer speak a word of. Anyways, it was weird and then she gave me her business card. Ya, idk either. )

I don’t have a WIAW post pulled together because i had no idea it was Tuesday yesterday until I went to sleep. When my Mom was here she told me she wanted to see more pictures from class so I’m hoping you all won’t mind reading that as well!

Yesterday was our first day of A La Carte class. Each group is assigned a different meal to make, and then we have a half hour service window to make plates “to order” before we place the remainder of the food out on the buffet table.

My groups assignment was beef stew. Sorry if I’m offending any beef stew lovers out there, but YUCK. I hate beef stew.

I started out my day by slicing onions for the french onion soup, and wa bam, sliced my thumb.


it wasn’t that bad, but it was the first time since starting school that I cut myself to the point where i definitely needed a bandaid. It was a result of me being careless and exhausted.


I was on potato chip frying duty. To garnish the beef stew we made gaufrette potatoes which is just a fancy name for a thin waffle cut potato.


I had to sample one (or ten) to make sure they were palatable ;)


our final dish. Whipped roasted garlic potatoes with beef stew. If there is any way to make a plate of beef stew look appetizing I think we did it. A lot of people cook the root vegetables directly in the beef stew, but we blanched ours and then reheated them in some butter and parsley before service to make the plate look more colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

The first day of class went really well. Our chef instructor is the nicest man. On the agenda for today is the vegetarian entree. I’ll share pictures tomorrow!


on an unrelated note, after class I did some cookbook reading in bed


seriously drooling over every recipe in this book. I doggy-eared about 75% of the recipes which I probably won’t get to making until i’m home and not in culinary school anymore hah


I caved and bought some pumpkin spice english muffins while food shopping yesterday.


They were alright but not as pumpkin-y as I had hoped. I’ll probably keep them in the freezer so they don’t go bad before I get the chance to eat them all because I missed my bowl of oatmeal this morning.


I’m off to do some homework then head to the gym

I hope everyone has a great day!



SURPRISE! Homecoming 2014

by admin on October 21, 2014

good morning (afternoon?)

Sorry I have been extremely MIA recently. I promise that will change starting now. Or at least I hope.

Part of the reason I was MIA this weekend is because I made a trip back to the best place on earth


I also didn’t mention anything about it on the blog because the whole trip was a big surprise. My friends and I who are at school in California and went to Delaware with me as well, decided that we were going to make the trip back to Homecoming but that we weren’t going to tell anyone


We flew Friday (overnight) and got in Saturday morning at 6am. We didn’t sleep AT ALL. Let the fun begin!

Surprising everyone was so priceless and it was the best weekend ever. It made me miss college a WHOLE lot. It was also the strangest feeling being back there. I felt like I never left but I had realizations throughout the day that I really didn’t live there anymore. For example, me at 3pm on Saturday. “Man, I need to go home and take a nap! Wait a second..I don’t have a home here anymore!” Weird.

anywho, enough blabbering, here are some pictures from the epic surprise weekend!


you know, just mastering the “walking selfie”



me and my little! She was my first surprise suspect and it was pretty epic. I broke into her house at 7am on Saturday and just walked up to her room and SURPRISE! She freaked out.


me and Kirsten! Trying to hide my Natty light HAH




another great surprise moment caught in a great candid picture :)


10713004_10154714672235043_8476104679724737455_n IMG_9491 IMG_9493 IMG_9497 IMG_9500 IMG_9501 IMG_9508

the only food picture I snapped all weekend. TRUST me there was a lot more (and way more unhealthy than this) My day Saturday started out with a bagel and cream cheese from NDB, followed by a HUGE chicken cheese quesadilla, followed by nachos at Kate’s.

yup. So worth it.

It was such a great weekend, and it made me realize how grateful I was to have such an amazing college experience filled with the best friends ever. I can’t wait to return!



IPhone Lately

October 17, 2014

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Weekend Snapshots 10/13

October 13, 2014

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Five Things Friday 10/10

October 10, 2014

good morning! TGIF!! ps. how is it already October 10th? 5 Things I Ate an amazing lunch (i plan to have the same one today) at the dorm before class. A piece of avocado toast and 2 egg om with mushrooms, spinach, and cheddar cheese. While it’s not ideal to eat a large meal and […]

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Pictures from Meat Fab Class + Random Tidbits

October 9, 2014

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WIAW-Noosa Overnight Oats

October 8, 2014

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Wine Harvesting Party

October 6, 2014

Good Morning! How was everyone’s weekend? I didn’t do anything Friday night because I had to work at 5:30am Saturday morning. A group of us went to Sonoma to work at an event William Sonoma was hosting to promote the opening of a new store. About 12 of us went from my school and made […]

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Friday Favorites-Target Addition

October 3, 2014

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My Amazon Problem

October 2, 2014

you guys…I have a SERIOUS pre-ordering cookbook problem here’s my thought process..”I’m going to buy everything on amazon because HELLO amazon Prime=free two day shipping so basically what I’m buying cost zero dollars right?!” uh.. Here are some Amazon things I’ve ordered as of late.. Vega Protein!! My favorite. Vega is by far the cheapest […]

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