Birthday Week Fun

by admin on April 18, 2015

good morning!

It’s a gorgeous day out! I just dropped the man off at the bus station ( :( ) but it’s okay cause now I have an excuse to go to NYC on the reg which is fine by me :)

He came this past Tuesday and we had a lot of fun exploring Boston and eating a LOT!! of delicious food

of course I’m horrible about taking pictures of people, but I did take a lot of pictures of yummy food.


birthday breakfast. We split a green protein smoothie (I got him to try it and he kinda liked it!!) and both had versions of toast with avocado and egg. The best.

After breakfast we went back to Natick and took the dogs for a walk around Wellesley college. Duke loves the man because he can throw sticks a LOT farther than I can.

We then went for lunch at one of my favorite spots (that I’ve probably shared on the blog no less than 500 times) blue ginger!!


we started with the usual: tuna poke, mushroom spring rolls, and sweet potato fries.


and then shared the butter fish with soba noodles and the drunken noodles. The drunken noodles were my favorite. So flavorful and delicious!


Bday present from Mom was new bedding. I’m in love.

birthday dinner was at Posto in Somerville.


their speciality pizza of the night was a ramp pizza with bacon and a farm egg. Drippy yolk on pizza is a really delicious thing.


burrata appetizer. Aka, the cheese of the gods.

For dinner the man and I split a gnocchi dish with braised short ribs (basically his two favorite things combined in one dish) and another pizza (cause duh)

IMG_1364 IMG_1367

meatball pizza!! It was so delicious. The leftover cold slices were even better. I’m that weirdo that prefers cold pizza over hot pizza.


can’t forget about dessert! My Dad arranged for a birthday dessert platter to be delivered to the table. I wasn’t mad about it ;) Although when i blew out the candle chocolate shavings from the tiramisu got everywhere. Woops haha.


the following day we spent some time walking around Boylston and Newbury street. This was also my first time trying both shake shack and georgetown cupcakes. Not something to eat every day, but man was it delicious.


we got a salted caramel fudge cupcake (omg) and a chocolate birthday cupcake. Definitely the best cupcakes I’ve ever had.


Friday it was kind of drizzly out so we decided it would be fun to take a trip to the aquarium. Penguins!! Everyone had the same idea we did, the place was packed!! We took a cheesy picture when we walked through the door, cause they basically force you into it lol, but we didn’t buy it so I can’t share it with you all. I bet the man is happy about that one haha


after the Aquarium we walked over to Nebo for lunch. I got a sandwich with burrata (notice a trend here.. :) ), mortadella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, and balsamic. I ate half and brought the other half home for the man to eat. He got the spicy rigatoni, which was also delicious.

Last night we grabbed drinks with my friend Becca at Rosa Mexicana. We also consumed lots of guac (they make it table side which automatically makes it taste delicious) chips, and salsa.

Today I’m going to the Red Sox game with the family and then out to dinner. The real world job hunt starts this week so I’ll be back with updates on how that goes. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



A Wonderful Tribute

by admin on April 13, 2015

good morning!

Thank you all for your support and kind words from my last post. I’m hoping to not be so absent from blogging, and having all of your support makes it a lot easier to continue on!

I was pretty bad about taking pictures this weekend, but we had a wonderful tribute to my Nanny. Her service was Saturday morning, followed by a luncheon, and then a group dinner at Nanny and Papas house.

I cried only like 50 times, so I’d say I kept it together pretty well ;)

The day of the service my cousins and I decided we would all wear red lip stick in honor of Nanny because she didn’t leave the house without it!


So many people came to the service which just goes to show what an incredible person my Nanny was. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of love and gratitude.

Directly after the service we all gathered at the Atlantic Beach club and toasted to Nanny with her favorite drink, a vodka tonic. I enjoyed a few of those vodka tonics and was definitely feeling a little buzz going on. It was so great to talk to all of Nanny’s friends, especially her friend Rosalee who reads my blog! (Hi Rosalee!)

Later that night with the help of my Aunts and Mom, we created a big spread of delicious food!


the usual appetizer suspects included a cheese tray, crab dip, and toasts with burrata (yum)


for the meal we kept things simple and went for dishes that could be left out at room temperature. We had a white bean and tomato dish, an asian chicken noodle salad, a lobster pasta salad, an italian chopped salad, and pulled pork sandwiches. Everything was delicious.


and of course we can’t forget about dessert. My absolute favorite: lemon raspberry cheesecake. My Mom has been making this cheesecake for me for YEARS. I usually request it as my birthday cake, and since my birthday is this coming Wednesday, it was perfect timing :)


I also made a batch of chocolate chip cookies because my Papa loves them.

Sunday morning started with a beautiful run along the cliff walk with my running buddy Tanya! (my cousins fiance)


We covered 4 beautiful miles. The weather was absolutely gorgeous all weekend. Thank you Nanny for making that happen!


and for the best surprise/bday gift ever. A VITAMIX!! My Nanny wanted me to have a vitamix almost as badly as I wanted one myself, so she made sure that I got one from her for my birthday. She’s the best and I miss her oh so much.


yesterday I made a batch of hummus with it, and this morning I made a classic green smoothie! (protein powder, peanut butter, spinach, cinnamon, almond milk, banana)


I’m off to join the local Y and get in a good workout. The man is coming back tomorrow ( :) !!! ) so the rest of the week will be spent doing fun things around Boston. Continuing what I call my “funemployment” period ;)

I’m hoping to be back sometime next week with a big recap post.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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