Some Recent Happenings

by admin on March 4, 2015

I wasn’t really sure what else to title this post since it’s going to be a little all over the place

let’s see what’s been happening lately..

I only have one more day left of Cuisines of the Americas. I’m not really sure how that happened considered I feel like that class didn’t even exist it went by so fast. TIME STOP GOING BY SO FAST LIKE WHAT THE EFF.

any who, I’ve been really bad about taking pictures of the food I’ve been making/consuming in this class, but I can assure you I’ve eaten no less than 498593 tortilla chips dipped in copious amounts of guacamole and salsas.


I made a pumpkin seed mole. I was skeptical about the recipe due to a strange combination of ingredients in the sauce (lettuce leaves, cilantro, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds, jalapenos, and some other ingreidents) but it actually turned out to be quite tasty. A little strange, but still tasty.

This weekend I did a whole lot of nothing on Saturday, and did a lot of touristy things on Sunday.

starting with a trip to Muir Woods to be one with the forest


just kidding, I totally wasn’t dressed appropriately for hiking. We walked around, admired the trees, and left shortly after haha

From there we headed into San Francisco. I was so excited when I discovered we were driving over the Golden Gate bridge!!

IMG_0972 IMG_0975

I don’t know why this made me so excited, but I had yet to be up close and personal with the bridge since living in California so I was pretty excited about it. I also watched way to many episodes of Full House as a kid and always wanted to be in Jesse’s convertible driving across the bridge with the whole Full House family. Anyone with me on that one?


I snapped no less than 30 pictures of the bridge but only chose to share’re welcome ;) Oh and don’t worry, I wasn’t the one driving

the exciting driving adventures continued when we drove down the step and curvy famous street, Lombard street.

IMG_0982 IMG_0990

I was in charge of taking the selfies while he was focusing on not crashing my car into the concrete walls that line the narrow and windy street

next we headed for lunch at Boudin Bakery, famous for their sourdough bread, specifically sourdough bread bowls.

IMG_0987 IMG_0996

I’ve never really liked clam chowder, but the sourdough bread bowl made me order this. It was SO GOOD. Ugh, that fluffy bread though..


Our last San fran spot for the day was a trip to Dolores Park in the Mission district. The park was filled with a bunch of local hipsters day drinking and doing other various (note, not quite legal) activities. It was great people watching.


i was especially fond of this dog next to us that was walking around with a balloon tied to his back. Too cute.

IMG_1002 IMG_0966

I don’t usually buy flavored greek yogurts, but these two flavors jumped out at me. They were both pretty awesome. They also both contain WAYYYy too much sugar, but whatevs.


I’m still addicted to my protein almond milks


and breakfast cookie dough cereal every morning. I splurged and bought fresh raspberries this week because they were 2 for $6. I’m happy to report I didn’t eat a whole container in one sitting like I normally do.


yesterday in class I made a quinoa salad with raisins, pine nuts, tomatoes, and a lime viniagrette. I learned yesterday that Quinoa is from Peru and is a staple grain in Peruvian diets. The salad was delish but I think I overdosed on quinoa last year and now I’m kind of over it for the time being


ANDDD I think that’s all I have to share for now. We have our big practicals at the end of the week, and to celebrate my friends and I are off to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. I’ll fill you in on the fun sometime next week :)



Cuisines of America Class Field Trip

by admin on February 27, 2015


this post is me procrastinating studying, but I also really want to tell you guys about our field trip yesterday!

Yes, in culinary school we go on class field trips. It’s awesome. So far I’ve been to an oyster farm, to china town for dim sum, and to Oakland for some middle eastern food 

Yesterday, for cuisines of Americas we went to an awesome farm to table Latin French Restaurant in Healdsburg, CA (such a freaking adorable town btw)


Ready for lunch with my pals! The restaurant had a gorgeous outdoor patio which is where we all sat. Behind their patio was garden filled with herbs and greens that they grow for the restaurant.


first they brought out adorable little tortilla cones. The first one was filled with some type of fish which I didn’t try, and the second one was filled with guac.


In my opinion, guacamole should always be served like this :)

For the main meal, Mateo (the chef/owner) brought out 4 different plated salads. Every single ingredient he gets for his restaurant comes from a local farm, or he forages them himself. Talk about impressive! Everything was extremely fresh and flavorful


spiced chicken salad over pickled cabbage, radishes, onions, and jalapenos. The chicken is from a sustainable farm where they let their chickens run wild for 3 months and graise off natural land. The chicken was insanely flavorful


this salad was, get ready for it, potato salad with lamb heart and liver. Yup, lamb HEART. I ate lamb heart. I took a bite before he told us what it was and then I opted out of eating more ;) The potatoes were delicious however.


the 3rd and 4th salads were my favorites. One was basic greens with fresh citrus, and the other was an asparagus salad with oyster mushrooms (which Mateo foraged himself, 250lbs to be exact), fennel, and preserved lemon

after lunch we got to tour the restaurant where Mateo showed us more of his product and explained his inspiration behind  his dishes


He showed us the difference between the wild chicken which we got to eat for lunch compared to the organic farm raised chickens he usually uses. The wild chicken is the larger, more yellow looking one.


all of the mushrooms Mateo hand picked. How insane is that?!


Lard. Talk about a lot of lard in one place haha


he took us into the walk in refrigerator which was one of my favorite parts about the tour. What I found amazing is that he does all of his own butchery.


check out the whole hog chilling in the background. There were also two whole lambs behind that. He showed us some crazy techniques he does to utilize all parts of the animal.


if you’re ever close to Healdsburg, CA, I highly recommend checking Mateo’s Cocina Latina out!

after lunch we walked around Healdsburg for a bit, and walked over to the Shed. The shed is a huge building comprised of different food stands, speacility food products, cookbooks, and more. It reminded me of a smaller, more California-esc, Little Italy.

IMG_0942 IMG_0943 IMG_0944 IMG_0945

I couldn’t resist an ice cream cone. Espresso chip in a sugar cone please and thank you. It was so delicious. I can’t remember the last time I ate an ice cream cone! Usually I’m all about the self serve fro yo, but this hit the spot.

after leaving Healdsburg we headed to the production facility of Amy’s food products.


cue feeling like I’m on an episode of Unwrapped. Ironically, unwrapped profiled Amy’s pizza pockets!

Amy’s is one of the only frozen food products I like to eat so I was really excited to get a look at the behind the scenes action. Their frozen indian food and mini pizza’s are my favorite.

Amy’s uses all organic produce, is an entirely vegetarian company, and doesn’t add any additives or preservatives to their food.


suited up and ready to go!


we were all digging our sexy outfits haha

I couldn’t take any pictures in the warehouse, but if you are curious, you can watch the unwrapped video here on youtube. What blew my mind was how so much of their production is done by hand rather than by automated tools. Every single one of their frozen burritos and enchiladas are rolled BY HAND!! 20,000 some burritos made during production all rolled by hand. Insanity. They also make all their own tortillas in house.


as a farewell treat they handed out their candy bars. I didn’t know they made products besides canned soups and frozen foods so this was a cool discovery! Apparently you can find these candy bars at Whole Foods!


tasty :)

Oh, and if the day couldn’t get any better, my roommate went to a cupcake shop in Healdsburg (she had to leave the field trip early) and surprised me with two cupcakes!!

I was so excited!!


I’ve eaten the carrot cake one but haven’t dug into the one with a piece of bacon on top. But I’m sure it will be mighty tasty :)


The only plans I have for the weekend are to study and prepare for our cooking practical which is next week. Blogging will probably won’t happen until after that’s done. Although, I’m really good at procrastinating so I might pop in to say hello :)

i hope everyone has a great weekend!


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