Tips for a Good Run

by admin on September 30, 2014

Let me start off by saying that running and I have a love/hate relationship

And I feel as though I’m the last person that should be writing a “tips for a good run” post when I am not a runner by any means

What even classifies someone as a “runner?” I could look it up in the dictionary but i’m going to pass

Throughout the years I’ve gone through what I like to call running phases, and have concluded some overall tips for what determines the outcome of a good verses a bad run

Tips for a Good Run

Try planning your run around the climate

I feel like this one is a personal preference, but for me, climate is  HUGE motivator, or discourager, when it comes to running. Right now I’m only running 1-2 days/week, and doing other cardio/weights on other days, so it’s easy for me to pick a day or 2 where I know the weather will be good. I look at people running in the pouring rain and just think “WOW THAT MUST SUCK!!” but to each their own, maybe running in the rain is your thing! if so, rock it. I’m all about the less humid, sunny weather. And luckily, northern California has a pretty great climate :)


Switch up your Location/Route

For me, a huge part of running is mental and knowing exactly where I’m going to run. Switching up your location and running route can be a fun way to escape the mental block that can be running.  I love running in more public places on occasion because it’s a nice distraction to forget about the fact that I’m running. Especially when on vacation , running is the best way to scope out your new surroundings! Okay, I can think of other awesome ways to scope out northern California, like riding the wine trolley.. but running is also a great way.

Plan a rest day or non-leg targeted day the day before you run

This is also a personal preference, but for me I’ve found that if my legs are tired my run will most likely be terrible. I find myself slowly trudging along, wanting to cry the entire time



on days where my legs are nice and rested and ready to rock..



Fuel Properly

Some people can run on an empty stomach. Some mornings I’m one of those people, and on those mornings all I’m thinking about the whole time is COFFEE AND FOOD NOWWWW. I like to eat a solid breakfast and drink a cup of coffee (or 500) about an hour or two before my run. That way I have time to, ahem..properly digest ;) My favorite pre-run meal is either oatmeal or toast with banana and peanut butter. A nice, basic mix of carbs and fat usually does the trick.



Find a Running Buddy!

we all know who my favorite running buddy is..


my DU!!

whether it’s a furry friend or human friend, having someone to run with is a great motivation to keep one foot in front of the other. When I run alone I’m more tempted to take walking breaks than if I’m running with someone else. Walking breaks are totally cool btw, but a lot of the times I like to pysch myself out and think “omg I’m dying i need to walk” whereas if I’m running with someone I don’t always get into those freak out modes. Duke doesn’t like to take walking breaks. He could run 500 miles and then want to play fetch after. I don’t understand either.

Wear the Proper Gear

I have a few running outfits that I rotate because I know i’m comfortable in them when I run. I normally always plan on being hotter than I think I’ll be because I sweat like a man. But it’s always good to have layers you can take off to make sure you won’t be too cold, that’s no fun either. Running shoes are also super important and worth investing in in my opinion. Go to a running store and have a shoe guru give you his advice on what type/brand of running shoe works best for you. Good shoes make all the difference


taking an awkward post-run selfie to show off your running gear is also a good idea

Make a Rockin Playlist

I don’t know how people run without music (dad, looking at you) A good playlist can seriously make or break my running mojo. Here’s a cool link: the top 100 running songs! I also like to make new playlists pretty frequently so I don’t get bored. Making a new playlist right before a run helps to get you excited!

my favorite running song as of late..

when this song comes up on my playlist I also have a extra pep in my step.

Download the Nike+ Running GPS App

this APP is the BEST. It’s basically a way cheaper version of a garmin, which is perfect for me since I only run 1-2 days/week.


my run from yesterday. This app maps out your run for you, updates you on your pace per mile, lets you sync a playlist from Itunes to it, and gives you a summary breakdown per mile once the run is over. Like I said before, running for me is such a mental thing and not knowing how far I’m into the run drives me crazy. Good thing technology rocks #firstworld


also, my advice would be to tame the hungry beast that comes after a run with lots of guac


my dinner last night was once big mexican fiesta. Gimme ALL THE GUAC!!

how cute is this tank from Etsy?


I think I need this in my life.


I’m off to go to homework and then head to the gym to complete my last day of the September workout calendar! 



Weekend Things 9/28

by admin on September 29, 2014

good morning!

how was everyone’s weekend? I had another chill weekend over here filled with some workouts, a trip to the farmers market, and a delicious dinner out


I’ve been to both the Napa farmers market and the St Helena farmers market, but I had yet to check out the Calistoga farmers market so Saturday morning I went and came back with lots of goodies. Kale, cherry tomatoes, grapes, peaches, and farm fresh eggs (the BEST)

they had so many delicious options like a tamale lady (two tamales for 5 bucks), breakfast burritos, freshly baked goods galore, and lots of fresh produce. I will definitely be back and next time I’m going back I’ll be getting tamales and a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie


I made myself a delicious lunch with some of my market goods. the eggs were so flavorful and amazing. And the tomatoes taste like candy. And the avocado toast tastes like heaven because it always does :)


a random filling snack concoction I had Saturday because I knew I was going to a late dinner: some plain greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, almond butter, and pumpkin butter. SUCH a good combo man oh man

Saturday night we went for dinner at what I’ve decided is my favorite restaurant here so far: Tra Vigne


when you go to Tra Vigne you HAVE to get the fresh pulled mozzarella bruschetta. It is melt in your mouth, out of this freaking world, delicious. We almost ordered a second order but stopped ourselves. instead we just drooled over the table next to us receiving their order when we just devoured ours.


we also split the fig pizza to start. Another must-order in my opinion.

for my meal I kept it simple and ordered the kale and farro salad with shaved fennel, cranberries, and goat cheese


sorry for the horrible lighting, but check out how much goat cheese they give you?! I appreciated the generosity and thoroughly enjoyed every bite


Sunday brunchin. A fresh peach, farm eggs with sriracha, and avo toast. perfection.

I went to the gym for some mindless cardio and then came home and had a super lazy day


I watched the Fault in Our Stars while nomming on some popcorn. That movie is a tear jerker let me tell ya.


dinner last night was simple and delicious. More kale and tomatoes, roasted sweet taters (how I missed thee), and a grilled portobello mushroom cap with truffle goat cheese on top. That goat cheese doe..unreal.


This week is the start of a new class: Meat and Fish Fabrication. I’m excited for all that I’m about to learn! #foodnerd

I hope everyone has a great day!



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