Weekend Snapshots 9/15

by admin on September 15, 2014

good morning!

how was everyone’s weekend?

I actually remembered to take some pictures. Go me!



Saturday morning breakfast. Avo toast and egg whites with hot sauce. Solid meal. Avocado toast is da best

After breakfast we headed to the Napa farmers market

IMG_9102 IMG_9104

I got a lot of goods from the market. Fresh peaches, almond butter, olive oil, tomatoes, and truffle goat cheese. Yes I just said truffle goat cheese. I’m waiting to open it because I have a fear I may eat the whole thing in one sitting and then it will be gone and that will just be sad!!


Cilantro jalapeno hummus and cherry tomatoes from the farmers market. Best snack ever


We also stopped at Trader Joes after the farmers market. I got ingredients to  make my Lentil Quinoa salad for dinner Saturday night.

Sunday my friends and I decided to make football food.


pulled pork nachos. Awww yeaa


I made a batch of barbecue chicken chili from the How Sweet Eats new cookbook! It turned out amazeballs.


can’t have nachos without guac..amirightoramiright




my bowl of chili with cheese and scallions. So delish


I have a full 5 day week of classes so let’s hope I find time to pop in and post during it!

i hope everyone had a great weekend!



Saturday Randoms

by admin on September 13, 2014


this post is going to be a bunch of random mumbo jumbo

Also, I was going to post this yesterday but for some reason my Iphoto isn’t working (wtf technology ugh) but I have lots of random stuff I feel compelled to share so we’ll have to manage with the small pictures until I have more patience to figure out why my computer has to still give me issues ughh

I survived another week of class! And one night I even snapped a picture of what i made


Thursday we made homemade lasanga. This was our masterpiece. It was slightly burnt but apparently it tasted delicious so that was good!


I also made potatoes duchesse which is just a fancy potato pancake. Mine got a wee bit too crispy but chef said the flavor was good. We also made homemade noodles. Mine turned out horribly because I messed up the dough. And lastly we made homemade mayonnaise. I despise mayonnaise and didn’t even taste mine (bad thing to do..) but luckily, the chef said my flavor was great! Yay for good luck!

unnamed-3 unnamed-1

Avocado with salt for a snack. Do it to it, best snack ever. I also finally got more protein powder. i’m obsessed with the vanilla chai Vega.

unnamed-2 unnamed

Healthy green smoothie breakfast. Not so healthy hungover breakfast sandwich breakfast. I discovered my new favorite bakery for breakfast sandwiches though omg. Model Bakery makes homemade english muffins that are to die for, and their simple breakfast sandwich of scrambled eggs, canadian bacon, and cheddar cheese is so amazeballs.


This was a random lunch. I’m proud of my ability to avoid the dessert bar all week. And yay for healthy options!


Some other randomness..

The new iphone!! I can’t wait to order it and get it and do all the new really cool things. I don’t even really know what all the really new cool features are but I just want a new phone #firstworld

It’s the weekend! We’re planning a trip to the farmers market today which I’m super duper excited about, followed by a trip to Trader Joes, also super duper excited about, and then having a chill day

Tomorrow is football Sunday (apparently, not a sports fan hah) but my friends and I are going to make football food! I’m planning on whipping up a big batch of Chili. I’ll be sure to take pictures (hopefully more than last weekend!) and share them! The only way to get me to sit down and watch football…nachos, chili, guac, repeat.


I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll be back on Monday! Hopefully with bigger pictures..



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