San Francisco + Moving In

by admin on August 20, 2014

good morning!

sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been go go go since going to San Francisco for two nights, then coming back and moving into my dorm, and having my first day of school

Life is about to get a lot more hectic with starting school and the blog will probably go on the back burner a bit. But I’m hoping to blog as much as possible, it just probably won’t be as frequent because I’m going to have to put school first

but let’s recap my last part of our amazing family vacation


the Culinary Institute of America, aka Hogwarts, aka my new home for the next 7 months. Meaning I will be in this building more hours than not hah


me and Daddio :) We stopped to see my school before heading to San Francisco


after the school stop it was time to pick up my new car! It still doesn’t feel like mine, but it’s nice and obviously still has that nice new car smell I love.


We had drinks in the hotel before heading to dinner. Me and the broski




we went to this really yummy Asian fusion restaurant called umami. We got the ahi tare tare tacos to start


and then it was sushi time. We got two amazing rolls, one was a mix of tuna, avocado, spicy hamachi, and seaweed salad. The other was a crab and avocado roll topped with hamachi and some amazing sesame oil. It was SO good.


the next day we went to meet up with my Dad’s friends for lunch. I forget the name of the place but it was a really delicious Italian restaurant. I started with a cup of minestrone soup


for my meal I got the italian chopped salad which was massive. I was pretty full after the soup so I didn’t even make a dent in this.


the HILLS in San Fran. I could not get over them! Also driving my car up them was slightly terrifying.


that’s as close as I got to the Golden Gate bridge. Next time I go back I want to visit the Golden Gate park.


Fam shot :) I loved how San Francisco is surrounded by water but it was SO COLD!! I would not like the weather being that cold in August.


For dinner our second night we ate at a steakhouse located right next to the Bay Bridge


to start I got this amazing fig carpaccio salad to start with ricotta filled fried squash blossoms.


and since I wasn’t that hungry due to filling up on appetizers at happy hour, I just ordered the salmon sashimi as my main course. It was good but nothing special.


what was special though was how the bay bridge lights up at night!


Monday my brother and dad headed to the airport and my mom and I headed back to St. Helena to move me into school! On the way there we stopped in Yountville to grab a coffee and walk around a bit. We spotted this cool sculpture on our walk. We kinda look alike, no?


it is extremely weird moving back into a dorm room hah but I just have to remind myself how temporary it is. Our room is a nice size though, and my bed is pretty comfy! You can see the dog pillow made the trip ;) I miss them already!


Monday night for dinner we went back to Tra Vigne, and last night we tried out the local indian restaurant in St. Helena. We ordered the Saag Paneer, Tandoori Chicken, Naan bread, and Rice.


The Saag Paneer was my favorite


followed by the delicious, chewy naan bread. I will definitely be back when the indian food craving strikes!


Today is my first day of official class. Since I’m in an Accelerated culinary program, my hours are pretty long. Class everyday from 2pm-8:30pm.

Once I get adjusted to my schedule I think it will be easy to create a somewhat regular blogging schedule, but these next couple of weeks you might just have to be patient while I find my routine.

I’m definitely excited to do fun posts such as culinary school eats (the kitchens are amazing OMG), day-in-the-life, and all the fun adventures on the weekends so stay tuned :)

I hope everyone is having a great day!




Recent Napa Eats

by admin on August 16, 2014

Here are some recent eats from Napa, or as I like to call them, recent napa noms

Thursday night we went to Tra Vigne for dinner in St. Helena.


quick fam shot before dinner. On a totally random note I’m getting more confident walking in wedges. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot walk in any form of heels. Including wedges. But I haven’t fallen yet wearing these shoes so things are looking good for me!

now onto the important stuff..the FOOD


pretty much everyone that dines at Tra Vigne orders their “mozzerella al minuto” The mozzarella balls are formed to order and then presented at the table comes the freshly grilled bread, tomatoes, and mozzarella ball that the server slices in front of the table, places on each slice of bread, and drizzles with olive oil. Absolutely melt in your mouth amazing.


we shared one of their flatbreads as another appetizer. This was the wood oven baked pizza with gorgonzola, fresh figs, and balsamic glaze. The crust was slightly chewy but so crispy and light.


my sad looking bite of half an arancini alla bolognese: a crispy risotto ball filled with mozzarella cheese paired with slow cooked pork sugo and spicy tomato sauce. I’ve always been a big fan of arancini (I mean what’s not to like about a fried rice ball filled with cheese) but these were definitely the best I’ve ever had. The rice still had a nice bite to it and the sauce and pork paired perfectly.


Tra Vigne makes all of their pastas in house. Via a recommendation, my mom and I split the Sage infused papardelle with braised rabbit ragu, wild mushrooms, and grana padano. This dish was extremely rich, but the pasta was so light and delicate which paired nicely with the rich meaty sauce. This was my first time trying rabbit and to me it just tasted like beef? It has a really meaty flavor so the mushrooms were a great compliment.


Yesterday for lunch we went to the restaurant located right across from Tra Vigne, Farmstead. Farmstead is a farm to table restaurant. The ambiance of Farmstead has a cool and sophisticated southern charm. All the servers dress in jeans and different plaid long sleeve button downs. The food is a mix of modern american with southern influence.


my mom got the wood grilled artichoke and gave me one to try. They were so fresh and delicious. The sauce paired with it was a creamy tarragon sauce that I could of bathed in it was so good.


For my lunch I got the arugula salad with fresh black mission figs, pt. reyes blue cheese, toasted almonds, and citrus viniagrette. Figs and blue cheese are a match made in heaven. And pair both of those with crunchy toasted almonds and peppery arugula, it was salad perfection.


I also ordered the grass fed lamb sliders with feta and herbed salad. These sliders omg. So juicy and flavorful. They came with an onion jam which paired perfectly with the tangy feta and rich lamb meat. After taking one bite I selfishly wished I didn’t have to give the other one to my Dad.


Last night for dinner we went to Jole in Calistoga. Jole is another farm to table restaurant. Their menu features semi small plates and they encourage guests try one of their three tasting menu options. They also have the option to pair a wine with each course.

IMG_7897 IMG_7898

I chose the 4 course tasting menu and to I started out with a delicious cocktail called the Summer Nights. It was a mixture of gin, fresh watermelon juice, fresh cucumber juice, jalapeno, and mint. It was one of those cocktails where it was so tasty you wondered if there was any alcohol in it hah


before our first course we were served an amuse bouche. This was a thin crispy cracker with fresh salmon and some kind of cream. It tasted like a really gourmet version of a bagel and cream cheese with lox. Delish.


for my first course I chose the Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Poke: pineapple, avocado, toasted coconut, taro, and sesame soy dressing. So fresh and flavorful. Creamy avocado paired with raw fish is such a good combination. The thin taro chips were perfect vehicles for the ahi tuna to my mouth :)


my second course: Mediterranean Octopus Chorizo, capers, roasted potatoes, lemon aioli. This was my first time trying octopus and I loved it! Probably because this dish was so flavorful and amazing. I loved all the bright and potent mediterranean flavors paired with the fresh, perfectly cooked octopus. It reminded me of a spanish style tapa.


my third course: Sea Scallops Baby corn, summer squash, tomato jam, chilled tomato consommé. By this point I was beyond full I could only manage one bite of the scallop before throwing in the towel. With all the amazing food I’ve had here I haven’t felt the need to finish any course if I’m too full. I felt bad for wasting the entire dish but my body just could not handle any more food hah.

my fourth course was dessert but I just gave the whole thing to my Dad which made his day. It’s also his birthday today so it was an early birthday present! Happy Birthday Dad!


one more nom I must share..yesterday’s breakfast


Breakfast at Solbar in Calistoga is seriously amazing. We have been spoiled every single morning with the resort’s amazing breakfast options. Yesterday I tried something new: sol-pe crispy masa cake with chorizo, black beans, jack cheese, scrambled eggs, chile verde and sour cream


I nixed the sour cream and chorizo in an effort to make it slightly healthier (HAH) and added avocado. They are so accommodating with modifications here which is nice. You can basically build your own breakfast if you want which I have done a couple of mornings.


Today we are heading to San Francisco for 2 nights!

I’ll report back on those adventures! I hope everyone is having a great weekend :)



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