Recent Trips to NYC-Dining at Carbone!!

by admin on November 11, 2015


Sorry it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy working and taking trips to NYC! The first trip was with my Mom for a mother daughter trip. We dined at Carbone (where Maju works) and it was AMAZING. See below for some serious food porn. The second trip was to help move Maju into his new apartment (best girlfriend ever award goes to me I know I know 😉 )

When my Mom and I first got there Saturday morning we went and met up with Maju for brunch at Saxon and Parole


not the best picture of me..that’s my overly happy overly tired face :)


I split the BLAT (just look at that beaut) and a salad with my Mom.

Saturday during the day my Mom and I did a little exploring of the city and some shopping. Now I know why i like having random days of the week off because every place we went to was PACKED. The high line and Chelsea Market, I will never venture to you on a Saturday ever again haha

The main event Saturday was dinner at Carbone. Carbone is the amazing Italian restaurant where Maju works (they have a Michelin star and Barack Obama, Bradley Cooper, and a bunch of other famous people have eaten there, nbd) so to say we were all pretty excited to score a reservation and eat there was an understatement.

Carbone is a true old school Italian restaurant (only  male servers which irks me but I guess goes with the whole theme of the place) and the meal is separated by courses, antipasto, pastas, and then the entrees of meat and fishes along with sides all served family style. We started with the most amazing oysters I’ve ever had and the gorgonzola salad.

They also started off the meal by bringing over a huge chunk of parmesan cheese for everyone, as well as a bread basket filled with 3 different types of bread (including garlic bread omg so good) and some type of salami.

IMG_2407 IMG_2408


The next course (aka the best course ever) was the PASTAS. The majority of their pastas are made in house and they are amazing.


Carbones signature pasta is the spicy rigatoni alla vodka. Honestly, I didn’t think this pasta would live up to the hype but omg it did. They use a special spicy jarred pepper from Italy which I think is one of their secrets to making it by far the best rigatoni I’ve ever had.


the other two pastas we got were the linguine with clams (super garlicky and super delicious) and the linguine with mushroom sauce.

IMG_2413 IMG_2414

and you can NOT go to Carbone without ordering the meatballs. I had tried them before since Maju brings me leftovers if they have them after he gets out of work (the key to my heart right there) They are the best damn meatballs ever.

For the entrees (yes, more food) we got the lamb chops, sole with caper butter sauce, a shrimp dish, and a side of artichoke hearts.


these lamb chops. I have no words.


this dover sole was amazing. They present the proteins whole to you at the table and then slice/debone them in front of you. Our serve deboned and filet this fish as if it was as simple as brushing his teeth. Total G right there.

Some pictures from dinner

IMG_2431 IMG_2440

the whole crew! We had a table where we could kind of see inside the kitchen. Spotted the cutest chef in the whole world a couple of times. Not a biased opinion at all 😉

Oh and for dessert..they bring out this huge dessert tray and you can decide from a selection of homemade treats.


blurry due to excitement. We went for the carrot cake and tiramisu

IMG_2493 IMG_2494


The next day believe it or not I had an appetite for Brunch! We went to a cute little place in the West Village called The Little Prince


We started with the homemade ricotta and grape jam toast. I’m usually not a huge fan of ricotta but oh my word was this tasty.


That right there would be a french onion soup burger. I eat a cheese burger maybe 3 times a year (not including sliders, those are different) so when I do it has to be worth it. This was so worth it.

Dinner Sunday night was at an amazing thai restaurant in the West Village that also recently received a Michelin Star; Uncle Boons! I’m so upset I didn’t get any pictures of the food but it was unreal. Charred bone marrow, charred baby octopus, spicy rotisserie thai chicken salad, an amazing massaman curry with homemade egg noodles, and a pork jowel dish. All phenomenal, I will be back for more!


me and my plus one :)


photo cred: my Mom. Lol.


We ended our trip with a very mediocre breakfast (we wanted to go to my favorite Sadelles, but they’re closed on Mondays) so we ended our trip with pizza to bring on the train.


Now onto the next weekend! I don’t normally go to NYC two weekends in a row, but I made the exception to hang out with my pals Lir and Bex and to help Maju move.

Sunday morning when I got there I met up with Lindsay for brunch at the Butchers Daughter, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant.


It was pretty tasty but I wasn’t blown away. We scored a cute table outside which was awesome for people (and dog watching)

Lindsay and I went to an AWESOME hip hop class Sunday afternoon and then met up with Becca for dinner at By Chloe (another vegan quick service restaurant that just recently opened up) I was feeling quite vegan on Sunday apparently (until I had two slices of pizza..cause..duh)


Lindsay and I shared a veggie burger with sweet potato fries (not pictured but omg so good) and the kale ceasar salad with shitake bacon. I also got a vegan chocolate chip cookie and we all shared a side of butternut squash mac and cheese. This food, oh my goodness was it good. I was a little skeptical because of all the hype that has surrounded the place, but the long lines out the door at every hour of every day (seriously, its insane) I now know why.  Affordable, delicious, and healthy food.

Monday was moving day. We packed up his things in the morning and then drove over to his new spot. Before moving his stuff in we were starving (I was starting to get hangry, just ask Maju lol) so we found this awesome spot right in Bushwick, Cafe Ghia, that serves weekday brunch (best idea ever right?)


I got the Rancheros benedict which was delicious. Incase you aren’t following already, I post most of my food pictures on @realdelicious!

Moving was a speedy process until I tried helping him make the bed



We went for an early dinner at Zona Rosa in Williamsburg. We scored on the happy hour deals aka the early bird special


I started with a delicious watermelon margarita followed by two glasses on sangria..only cause it was happy hour you know!

For food we started with the guac and queso fundido with chorizo.


this was served with homemade corn tortillas and salsa verde. That cheese doee


For entrees we got the carnitas tacos (how freaking cute is that presentation?!) and the braised lamb shank in mole sauce.


oh and we finished with a tres leches cake and then practically rolled home and passed out by 10pm (party animals)

The next morning before Maju had to work we hit up Sadelles


I wanted to try something new but I couldn’t resist getting the lox and an everything bagel again. I also got a side of scrambled eggs.


If you’re looking for the best bagels and lox in NYC, Sadelles is the place to go.


Also some randoms from today since I never blog about random things anymore..

I hit up my favorite spot (Trader Joes) to stock up on essentials.


my favorite dips + everything pretzel things for dippage


I almost bought 10 jars, but I practiced self control and settled for one. I stir this into my oats every morning!


A couple green juices since these days I’ve been eating an average of 3 vegetables a week (I know who am I?! I blame my job)

Since I don’t eat the healthiest on the days that I work, I try my best to make up for it on my days off (unless I’m in NYC consuming pizza..)


Lunch was roasted sweet potatoes, mushrooms and spinach, two fried eggs, and half an avo with LOTS of hot sauce. I’m planning on making this lentil quinoa salad for dinner!


I was cleaning out my closet today and found this mug that Lindsay got me in Japan. I’m so sorry it was in my closet for so long Lir I promise it will now be my most used mug :) I love coffee mugs. And coffee.


Woah baby long post! That’s all for now. I’ll report back soon :)

I hope all is well!



Dreams do Come True-NYC Food Tour

by admin on September 30, 2015


So I just got back (yesterday morning) from yet another amazing trip to the big apple. My best friends Molly and Lindsay got me a ticket to go on a food tour which has basically been a dream of mine for EVA. It was AWESOME.

I’ll get to the food tour in a bit but first let’s talk about Saturday’s adventures.

I met up with Lindsay, Nikki, and our friend Emily at bottomless brunch. I didn’t eat much but I did enjoy quite a few mimosas.


we were all very happy..and perhaps slightly tipsy 😉


afterwards we met up with Molly and spent the day bar hopping. Molly and I split this epic burger with goat cheese and an egg on top at Parker and Quinn.


You don’t wanna know how many attempts we tried to master the selfie with the empire state building in the background. But hey, we got it!


For dinner Saturday night Molly and I met up with our college roomie Sonny at Seamores. Seamores serves a lot of delicious freshly caught seafood selections. We started with the tuna poke. It was delicious!


nine times out of ten when fish tacos are on the menu, I order them. So I went for the classic crispy fish tacos that came with guac, slaw, and a super smoky chipotle aoli. Demolished.


Saturday night we got ready to go out with some friends. Also, I know for sure I’m not in college anymore because I wanted to vom after taking 1 shot of vodka. I use to take well, a few more than one, with no problem. Oh, how times have changed.

IMG_2251_2 IMG_2256_2

we had our party hats on!


Sunday morning was a somewhat early start, so I took an uber from Brooklyn to the Little Cupcake Bakeshop to meet up with Molly and Lindsay and start our tour!


how freaking cute is this bakery? I got a delicious ice coffee and was seriously tempted by all the amazing cakes and pastries they had displayed in the cases. I’m coming back for you peanut butter and jelly cake.


On the food tour, we went to about 5 different places and got to sample a little bite from each place. Nothing like having a breakfast of a mini cupcake! This was their brooklyn blackout cupcake. It was super chocolatey and rich.


thanks to one of the ladies on our tour, we learned how you’re really suppose to eat a cupcake, sandwich style baby!

Our next stop (definitely my favorite because it included pizza) was to Emporio. A cute little authentic italian restaurant serving KILLER pizzas out of this oven.



Annie (our awesome tour guide) and Luci the expert pizza maker. Just look at all that prosciutto. Ugh.


Luci made us a classic white pizza (just a blend of mozzarella cheeses placed in the 500+ degree oven only for a few minutes) and once out of the oven the pizzas were topped with arugula, prosciutto, tomatoes, olive oil, and parmesan cheese.


We were each served a quarter of the pie. I could of probably eaten a whole pie it was that good.


our next stop was at Tartinery. It was a cute little french bistro with awesome decor. They served us a piece of open faced chicken sandwich with herb aoli and shaved fennel (forgot to snap a pic) and a small glass of french wine.


I was so surprised at all the history we learned on our tour. The story about Moe the butcher was my favorite. His old butcher shop has now been turned into an art gallery but they kept the original sign. Cool, right?


another favorite stop of mine was at a mexican joint called Tacombi. This restaurant was an old car garage turned restaurant so it has sort of a warehouse feel.


tacos and beer, what more do you need right? Maybeee just a margarita :)


We tried some of the Sandia (fresh watermelon juice) it was delicious! Next time I go back I want to try the spiked horchata.


We were served a spicy mexican corn cup. Sweet corn with a spicy/smoky chipotle aoli, queso fresco, and lime juice. Even though I was salivating looking at all the tacos walk by me, this was a delicious perfect couple of bites!


And then Molly fell in love with a dog. Which is only a natural since she’s OBSESSED with dogs.


Our last stop was at Il Buco Vineria. A cute little italian specialty food shop located right next to their fancy italian bistro, Il buco Alimentari. We were served salted caramel gelato. It was super rich and potent so I was good after a few bites.

If you’re taking a trip to NYC, I highly recommend taking a NYC food tour!


Monday was my day to spend with Maju :) We headed to the west village for some brunch at Gardenia.


for the boy: short rib burger.


check out that juice though. He kindly let me take a couple bites. It was prettttty darn tasty.


I ordered the octopus roll. A really cool modern twist on the classic lobster roll. I don’t like lobster, but I LOVE octopus. It was served with palmita fries (basically just like mozzarella sticks) and a chimichurri sauce. I LOVED it.


after brunch we went to central park and hung out there for a while to kill time before heading to Yankee stadium to watch the Red Sox’s beat the Yankees :) Maju is not a Red Sox fan..

IMG_2312_2 IMG_2313_2 IMG_2315

our biggest mistake of the night: getting this chicken finger french fry bucket. The fries were gross so we just ate the fingers and left 1lb (yes, 1 lb) of french fries behind. Oh well, ya win some ya lose some haha


I felt tipsy after drinking one beer. Is that normal?


no trip to a baseball game is complete without dip n dots!


I was very happy to have today off to rest and decompress from my awesome trip. Tomorrow I’m back to the work grind and don’t have anything exciting planned until the end of the month so I’m not sure when you’ll hear from me next. But hopefully its before the month of October is over!

I hope everyone is having a good day, talk to you soon!



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