WIAW-Grocery Store Finds

by admin on July 30, 2014

good morning!

sorry I went slightly MIA. Sometimes I forget to take pictures of exciting things (like my best friend Molly visiting this past weekend, we didn’t take a single picture #fail)

i also didn’t take a picture of my lunch on the beach which consisted of cape cod chips and goldfish #healthyliving

but anywho, I’m back in action with a WIAW post!




pre-gym was a quest bar. heated up in the microwave obvs.

post gym breakfast was cheese samples from whole foods. They are basically the reason I shop at whole foods.


I never really had a full lunch..I just had a bunch of snacks


found this at whole foods. its SO GOOD!! tastes just like a chai latte


in my shake went the chai packet, spinach, almond milk, a frozen banana, and a teaspoon of vanilla almond butter


this doesn’t count as a snack but it intrigued me. It tastes exactly like a pina colada. i almost put rum in it..it would of made it the real deal ;)


i think this is my favorite hummus ever.


but i obviously still add hot sauce. Gotta keep things spicy


chips and salsa. my fav. Well actually chips and guac is better but I also have a salsa obsession.


this salsa is SO GOOD.


the trail mix bar at whole foods is where its at. I got a bunch of yumminess including chai yogurt raisins, mixed nuts, chocolate trail mix, and banana chips. I had a small handful but could probs eat the whole container in one sitting if I didn’t have to share with my family ugh


boom chicka pop while watching my 800th episode of grey’s anatomy :)


woah finally a meal!


i love simple grilled dinners. we had salad, corn on the cobb (so fresh and delicious!), and turkey tips. I had some more salad after polishing my plate

Late night Snack

I classify “late night” as 10pm so there’s that..


a few spoonfuls of this deliciousness


a lots of fresh raspberries


I hope everyone has a great day!



Dinner at Menton

by admin on July 25, 2014

Happy Friday!

last night me and my mom went out to dinner at Menton in Boston, which is one of Barbara Lynch’s restaurants

Menton is a very upscale restaurant, designed mainly for special occasions. They offer a seasonal 4 course menu with a few variations to choose from for each course, or a chef’s tasting menu

Although you choose 4 courses, they bring out a lot of little Amuse Bouche’s (a fancy name for a single bite of food) in between courses

I forgot to snap a pic of the first one (overly excited to consume)


the second was a piece of sausage with a mussel and pickled mustard. It was fab.


can’t forget about the cocktails! I got the Menton mule which was a mix of sparkling wine, vodka, cucumber, and lime I believe? it was delicious


my mom got some cocktail with tequila in it. LOTS of tequila..it was good though.


this little crossaint was one of my favorite parts of the whole meal. Flakey, buttery perfection. Thankfully they serve just one per person, but I easily could of eaten about 50 of them.

My mom and I chose a different item for each course so we could try as many things as possible.


(I should of taken a picture of the menu so I could accurately describe each item but I’ll do my best) for the first course I chose the peyote crab that was paired with a pepper aoil, fava beans, crab wrapped in house cured lardo, and a tomato truffle dressing. The crab flavor was the star of the show which I really liked, our only slight complaint was that it was a bit salty.


my mom ordered a tuna tare tare with beets, a red onion pickled relish, and some kind of date puree. The tuna was prepared in 3 different ways, chopped, lightly seared, and deep fried. This dish was so good. All of the flavors came together so well. I normally don’t even like beets but they paired so well with this dish. And the fresh chunks of tomato with the raw tuna. So, so good.


quick picture of mommy!


for the second course I ordered the sea bass which came with a corn cake, mussels, and a red pepper sauce. The flavors were really delicious and the fish was cooked perfectly. A real turn off of this dish for me was all the oil on the bottom. While it looks pretty, I think the dish would of been a whole lot better without it.


my mom wins best dish again. She ordered the halibut which was cooked to perfection. The fish was wrapped in thinly sliced eggplant, paired with a squash and tomato tartine and some fabulous sauce.


I hands down won best 3rd course. House made gnocchi served over a rich potato puree with caramelized onion ricotta, and a perfectly cooked runny egg. The gnocchi were so delicate they melted in my mouth. The fresh zucchini was a nice addition to the rich dish. And the runny yolk..so, so, SO good.


my mom ordered a pork dish. i don’t really know what it came with but I took one bite and was really disturbed by how much lavender flower was in the dish. It was inedible to me. We mentioned this to the server and he felt horrible and offered us another entree or complimentary cheese course as a replacement. By this point we were both full so that wasn’t necessary.


for dessert I ordered the raspberry crumble but what I was served was definitely a modern take on a traditional crumble. The pistachio ice cream was good, but I wasn’t really a fan of any other component of the dish.


my mom ordered the goat cheese custard which sounds like it should be really good, and while it looked beautiful taste wise it was really disappointing.

with the check we were served more amuse bouche’s: a mini chocolate, a nougat candy, and raspberry sorbet on a sesame cracker. Each one of those was amazing, I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture.

Overall Menton was a really cool experience, the service was impeccable, but some of the food was a little disappointing. When you are paying that much you expect everything to be perfect, not to be disappointed in a dish. Being a foodie myself and someone who is fascinated with all aspects of the service industry, I’m overall pleased with the experience.


I hope everyone has a great weekend!



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