Five Things Friday 10/31

by admin on October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween!!

I’ve never been too into Halloween. I think I’ve dressed up as a “cat” like 5 times. College kind of ruined Halloween for me haha.

But I’m always down for some free candy. Tonight I’m going to go out with my friends after class. Debating on whether or not to dress up..My friend Olivia bought some creepy face paint so we might dress relatively normal and then paint our faces scary haha

we shall see!

Anywho, time for a pretty standard 5 things Friday post!


5 Things I Ate


pretzels and jalapeno hummus. Eaten on my bed. Don’t worry I didn’t spill!


oats in a jar. Gotta get some more peanut butter!


A cup of gumbo, some corn and tomato sauce, and asparagus salad.


things I have done this week: consumed way too many fried items of food. My skin and belly is telling me to STOP. I’m going to listen. But there’s nothing like a good hand cut fry.

5 Work Outs I did

  • Sunday: 5 mile run + core work out
  • Monday: Upper Body Workout + HIIT + 10 minutes elliptical 
  • Tuesday: Lower body workout + 30 minute elliptical
  • Wednesday: 2.5 mile run
  • Thursday: 50 minute elliptical (while watching top chef) + holding plank for 3 minutes. (I had to take a few breaks)
  • Friday: Monsoon Sweat Workout (see pin below!) 

5 Recent Pins


this meal from Iowa Girl Eats has my brother’s name written ALL OVER IT.


love this look from Stitch fix. I signed up for my first fix that will be arriving next week. I can’t wait!!! I’m also slightly terrified the damage this service could do to my wallet…eeek.


Crispy peanut tofu and cauliflower rice stir fry. Oh how i’m craving a healthy dish such as this right now!!


I’m about to tackle this workout from the fitnessista. Looks like a doosey! Wish me luck!



another stitch fix find on pinterest. How cool is this jacket?! me want!

5 Culinary School Things

1. Yesterday felt like SUCH a Friday. And today is cloudy and rainy which is just like UGH. I’m excited to be making black bean soup today though!

2. Watching my chef instructor find out that the Giants won the world series during class on Wednesday was the cutest thing ever. Also, yesterday we had to make poached salmon with beurre blanc sauce as a “skills assessment” to present to the chef during class. We had to give him two plates and I gave him mine and his response was “well, are you going to enjoy some salmon with me?” Well of course i am! I devoured my whole piece around 4:30. Reason number 343483 why I’m never hungry for dinner hah

3. This was our dish from last night.


more poached fish with clams in a white wine butter sauce with braised fennel, asparagus, and french fries. This dish is just WEIRD. No one in my group liked it but he did our best to make it tasty. I was really worried i overcooked the fish but I think the thicker pieces we served were cooked well. At least I hope..I also hope i never have to make this dish again haha

4. Let me just be real with you for a second. Balancing healthy living while in culinary school is HARD. Like, a lot harder than I anticipated. It’s hard when there are constantly fried goodies being shoved in your face, and everyone else is eating them, to turn your head and not eat them as well. I know i could be making healthier decisions some of the time, but i also know I’m probably too hard on myself. I have to remember that being here is a once in a lifetime opportunity that i’m extremely fortunate to have. The program is only 6 months long and while I strive to make healthy choices, some weeks are going to be better than others and that’s something I have to accept. I’m trying to remind myself that life is too short to be worried about losing 5 pounds. Which I know sounds dumb but for me mentally it’s hard. Just thought I’d be honest for a sec hah

5. I know I’ve mentioned this over and over, but my two chef instructors for this class are AWESOME. They are hilarious, and its awesome how creative they let us be with the menus everyday. They also encourage us to make “scooby snacks” during class with leftover product if we have time. I love that they call them scooby snacks. I think we all have to appreciate this last week and how chill our chef instructors are because most of them are not that laid back. I also can’t believe that next week my 3rd class in culinary school is over! Craziness!


This post was pretty wordy. If you got through the whole thing god bless you ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!





WIAW-Lasanga Success

by admin on October 29, 2014

good morning!

happy hump day! :)



my mom told me she didn’t want to see any more pictures of my oatmeal.


sorry mom but here is my favorite bowl as of late: 1 very ripe nanner chopped up fine and mixed with 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 scoop vanilla vega, pumpkin pie spice, and just enough water to cover it all. Microwaved for 2.5 minutes, then i mixed in .5 tbsp of coconut oil and top with .5tbsp peanut butter and pumpkin butter. OH MY GAHH. I love my morning bowl of oats. Sorry I’m not sorry Mom! ;)


I love that TJ’s sells coconut oil that doesn’t cost 5,000 dollars a jar :)

Snack # 1


I’m loving honey crisp apples lately. That was my last one! Betta go get some more!



the usual huge pile of lettuce greens and a little bit of whatever else looks good to me that day. Yesterday was some pork chili verde, a corn tortilla, guac, a piece of roasted squash, some sauteed swiss chard, and a pickled eggplant dish. All very delish!

Snack # 2

an amazeball I  ate during class.

Dinner/ Food from Class


yesterday my group’s menu was vegetarian lasanga with mushroom “bolognese sauce”, bechamel, and homemade spinach pasta noodles. Look how beautiful it is! I like to call it my masterpiece


this was our presented “show plate.” I was in charge of making the mushroom “bolognese” and bechamel sauce that we turned into a mornay sauce melting in grated mozzarella and parmesan cheese to it. For the mushroom bolognese I cooked down mushrooms in a variety of aromatics, and added in some dried mushrooms that I reconstituted in hot water to add additional rich, mushroom flavor and texture to the sauce. We made a homemade basic marinara sauce and then combined the two to get a mushroom bolognese.

We were all very proud of the result!


this was my actual dinner. I’ve said this a million times but my actual dinners are always on the small side because I spend a lot of class time taste testing the recipes we make.  A cup of chicken tortilla soup made by my friend Maju. Seriously, the best chicken tortilla soup I’ve EVER had. First he cooked the chicken on the bones in water, then removed the chicken and added in char roasted tomatoes, peppers, onions, toasted spices, and corn tortillas. He simmered that mixture down for a while and then pureed the whole mixture before adding back in the shredded cooked chicken and charred corn. It was so good. I also had a couple bites of our lasanga before calling it quits because I was too full. I polished off my cup of soup though. I need to try to recreate that when I’m home.

Snack # 3


a small cup of toasted oatmeal flake cereal. I love nighttime cereal.


Two more days till the weekend!

Have a great day everyone!



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